Zen House by James Magni

By on 02-02-2012 in Architecture, Inspired By, Interior Design

This incredible Zen house by James Magni, is perfect for the Beveryly Hills home owner who is inspired by minimalist zen spaces.  Not everyone could live like this, but it would sure make an incredible week-end retreat, you would feel totally cleansed after a week-end there!  The attention to detail in the architecture is incredible, as well as the impeccable furniture & art selections that are perfectly aligned with the home.


The entry way with views out over the infinity pool

The impeccable entry way, you enter via a raised path that floats over a pond, with the views extending straight through the home and out beyond the infinity pool.

Refined & harmonious living spaces.

A masculine feel is created in the master bedroom, with the textural elements of the timber and the cow-hide rug & the volume of the bed.

Photography by Nikolas Koenig

Source Architectural Digest

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