Winter Warmers – Just add Fur

By on 27-06-2012 in Interior Design, Obsessed With

I was having a quick flick through small shop studio’s blog (one of the best references for styling ideas!) in my lunch break and a few images featuring sheep skins and furs thrown on chairs caught my attention, what a brilliant way to add some winter snug!  Being in Sydney, the Winter isn’t terribly long or cold, so the homes are more geared to dealing with the hotter months, though this last week as the chill has really set in I have been thinking about easy ways to warm up the place that are inexpensive, non-permanent and easy to store during the summer months.

Lounge Chair + Sheepskin = Instant cozy (even better if its in front of a heater!)

This place is all set for winter with the fireplace and stack of logs, if you don’t have a fireplace though, you can try the sheepskins on your dining chairs, plus a rug and bring some nature inside with a stick centre piece on your dining table.

To create a winter worthy bedroom, layer up a fur throw with a knitted throw on your bed, and consider getting a shaggy rug for the floor, nothing better to keep your feet warm when you get out of bed in the morning!

If you don’t have room for a full sized rug in the bedroom, consider placing smaller fuzzy rugs or sheepskins on either side of the bed, they can easily be stored in summer and create a sense of luxury winter warmth!

Consider layering a fuzzy warm rug on top of your usual summer/year round rug, it adds texture and warmth and the double layer is visually warmer as it reminds you of throwing an extra blanket on!

OR, do both! Sheepskin on chairs + double rugs! Take those elements out of this room and it is perfectly summery, light, bright and airy, the simple addition of some fuzz and a colourful rug have made it winter perfect.  The best part is, you don’t have to spend a fortune!

All Images: Small Shop Studio Blog



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