Why Everyone Needs a (Hippo) Bar Cart!

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There are so many reasons for having a bar cart in your home, the most important being “they are a piece of furniture designed for a celebration”, the same can not be said for most other items of furniture in the home that have more boring practical reasons for being there, and since life should be celebrated, I see the bar cart as being as essential as a sofa!

If you need more convincing reasons though, they also have a thousand practical uses, read on!

Image Source & Cover Image:  Society Social  (Note: Society Social, a company built almost entirely around the bar cart itself!)

Bar trolleys are the perfect height for placing under an artwork/print or mirror on empty walls, and they help to balance out the proportions and provide a base for the focal point.

Image Source: Design Sponge

They are practical, when entertaining, simply place everything you need on the trolley and wheel it into place, guests can help themselves to drinks (keeping them out of the kitchen!) and then you can simply wheel it out of the way when they leave.

Image Source: Small Shop Studio

They are great for putting in empty corners, and as a bonus you can store wine glasses & bottles there, freeing up storage space in the kitchen.

Image Source: Apartment Therapy

If you don’t drink, they make a perfectly lovely (& practical) bedside table, with loads of storage space.

Image Source: Apartment Therapy

They don’t have to be ornate and pretty, they come in all styles, this industrial orange one would suit homes with an industrial edge.

And should you still be wondering how to accessorise it…

Image Source: Desire To Inspire

Create a feature & a permanent home for your bar cart with some floating shelves hung above it.

And just for those who still aren’t convinced, they come in the form of a hippo (what’s not to love about a Hippo Bar in your living room?)

Image Source: Vogue


So now I bet your wondering where to find your bar cart! Well since Society Social don’t deliver to Australia yet, my first tip would be to ask your grandma, or scour some markets/vintage stores.

If you are looking for something more modern, Beyond have this little beauty, its compact and round making it a neat side table when you don’t need to use it as a bar.

Image Source: Beyond Furniture


And if I have now convinced you you need one and you don’t have space, don’t despair a tray on a chest of drawers or console does the job (nearly) as nicely…

Source: Apartment Therapy




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