Warm Up In Style This Winter

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Brrrrrr! Now that the Winter season has finally settled in, it’s time to rug up and keep warm … and that means your home too. We’re all probably spending our nights in rather than out now, so why not create a little “Winter Wonderland” at home to make it an even more tempting spot to snuggle up on the couch and watch some telly, or even invite your friends over for a heart warming feast. There’s a few tricks to making your home fit the part, which is generally pretty hard in Australia being the land of beaches and warm weather. One thing’s for sure, the Scandinavians know how to do it just right, so I’ve taken a little inspiration from over that side of the world to get our homes feeling warm and inviting!



If you”re lucky enough to own a fireplace, you’re already halfway there to creating a cosy and welcoming home away from the cold. If you don’t own a fireplace, don’t you fear! There’s plenty of ways to fake the cottage-with-fireplace-esque look. Why not try adding some prop firewood pieces in your living room … stack them up next to your favourite sofa or even place them in an iron bucket in the corner of the room.



Next on the agenda, add in some soft woolen throws and cushions to your sofa. Mix and match delicate textiles with geometric prints to create a layering effect. Texture is also a key ingredient here. A soft cashmere throw works perfectly with cable knit and leather cushions for a more refined aesthetic. Add in some black and white accessories to simplify the look.



There’s nothing that says “winter” more than a sheepskin! The bonus with sheepskins is that you can get them as real big rugs to fill a whole living floor to small and tasteful pieces to line a plastic chair or to sit delicately on a sofa arm. They look great as an accessory in a dining room setting (like in the image above). Plus they’ll keep your tush warm and snug while you eat!



Hate waking up to cold tiles or floorboards in winter? Because it never gets too cold in Australia we don’t have the luxury of underfloor heating, and now that carpet is becoming less and less popular our feet are getting suffering in those colder months. There’s a quick fix to that! Add in a textured or shaggy rug to keep your toes warm, or perhaps opt for a bright Kilim rug to lift your spirits during the winter season.

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