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When it comes to rugs I think there are 2 main rules; 1) bigger is better and 2) you should probably have one. There are officially many more rules, such as your sofas should be placed over the edge of the rug and various size rules and so on, but there is always an exception to those rules, so to me, they are less important. When it comes to choosing your rug though, your lifestyle and style should be guiding factors. If you’re home has a few little people and pets then look for low maintenance such as leather. If you’re placing your rug on carpet, then a thick shaggy will look strange, opt for a close loop design. And if you need some warmth or  texture in your place, opt for a lush shaggy style. In terms of colour and pattern there are hundreds of options, we’ve gathered up our favourite versatile styles across the main categories.

1) Best ‘Shaggy’ style rug 

The Safi rug by BoConcept (as seen in the gorgeous home of Kate Sparks @Littledwellings)


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It’s plush, luxurious, neutral but not boring. It’s perfect for an area like Kate’s with other focal points and textures already in the room, the soft colourings suit the soft Scandi tones of the space as much as they would a darker room. The black pattern through the rug gives it a Moroccan Berber style heritage, but it’s subtle. The thick plush adds texture to the room and creates a cosy  space.

2) Best Graphic Rug

Miami Rug in Blue by Greg Natale for Designer Rugs



The minimalist pattern gives the rug an urban graphic edge, but it’s nautical palette of blue and white soften it by conjuring up a nautical feel. This rug is as suitable in a contemporary, modern apartment as it is a luxe, colourful beach side living room.  Available in custom sizing, it’s perfect for under a dining setting, in the living room or in a bedroom.

3) Best Plain Rug 

Plaza Rug in Blue by BoConcept



A plain rug needn’t be a boring rug! Some rooms relish the simplicity of a plain rug, perhaps to let something else in the room shine or to evoke a tranquillity and calmness in a space. The Plaza rug in blue is our top pick when this is the case. There is enough variation in the colour for it to not be completely flat and to give it a really luxurious look. The size is generous and ideal in a big living room or under a dining table. The petrol blue introduces colour, but it’s sophisticared and easy to work in with most schemes. The Plaza rug is also available in black.


3) Best Round Rug 

The Dandelion Rug by Armadillo & Co



The well known flower range by Armadillo & Co are well known for a reason! These stunning natural rugs in round patterns inspired by flowers changed the rug game. No longer limited to just square or rectangle rugs, rugs could find new homes in entry ways, bedrooms, kitchens, reading nooks, kids rooms and home offices. Generally being a little smaller, they are perfect when a large rug will overwhelm the space. They are also the ideal option when your empty flooring needs something (concrete, tiles or floorboards in particular) but it’s not a structured living or dining space and a traditional rug won’t work. We love the Dandelion version the best, the round outer edge is polished and grown up, perfect for any room, and the inner circle patterns bring some interest and variety.

4) Best Budget 

LAPPLJUNG RUTA by Ikea (as seen in the home of @theinteriorinsider)



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If you’re on a budget, rug shopping can be tricky! The Lappljung Rug by Ikea gets my pick for a number of reasons, most importantly size! It’s a generous 2x3m for just $159. Often when people are on a budget they buy smaller then they should – the result never looks good! The graphic pattern on this rug packs a punch but it’s monochrome scheme is easy to work with. The flat weave is durable and also good at disguising the fact that the materials it’s made from are less expensive. An inexpensive shag rug for example can be quite obviously shiny polyester, if you’re on a budget – a flat weave option is more forgiving!


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