Top 3 Scandinavian Furniture Stores in Sydney

By on 13-07-2017 in Interior Design, Shop There

When it comes to Scandinavian design, there a limited number of furniture stores that produce top quality furniture. When searching for Scandinavian furniture, there a few things to keep in mind – Quality, functionality and style. Conquering the town of Sydney, we have found our top 3 best Scandinavian furniture stores:

  1. BoConcept

BoConcept Scandinavian furniture

With two exclusive furniture stores in Sydney, BoConcept if one of the finest producers of Scandinavian furniture. Specialising in modern Danish design, their professional interior designers help you coordinate a complete living style for your home based on your personality. Their Scandinavian furniture is designed in Denmark, with strong attention to detail, functionality and style, producing elegant designs for over 60 years. Their furniture stores are located in Crow’s Nest and Moore Park, in the Sydney region.



  1. Great Dane

Great Dane - Scandinavian Furniture

Established in Melbourne in 2002, Great Dane is one of the leading furniture stores of Scandinavian furniture. They have an inimitable reputation for quality, service, craftsmanship and knowledge. Passion is a popular term throughout Great Dane. They thrive on providing their customers with distinguished Scandinavian designs and styles, keeping them updated with the latest trends. Great Dane have two furniture stores, with one located in Sydney and in Melbourne.


  1. Urban Couture

Urban Couture - Scandinavian Furniture

Focussing strongly on Scandinavian and Italian design perspectives, Urban Couture has been a fast-growing company in Sydney. With a desire for all things furniture and homewares, Urban Couture aims to provide you with products and services suitable for your lifestyle. They collaborate with local talented designers to provide their customers with some of the finest Scandinavian furniture designs and styles. Urban Couture has a furniture store located in Sydney, in the Surry Hills district.


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