The Accessories Edition

By on 09-05-2012 in Inspired By, Interior Design, Obsessed With, Shop There

Don’t underestimate the power of the humble accessory! Whether interior or fashion, accessories have the ability to enhance a space or outfit with the greatest of ease. Use them to add that splash of colour, create balance, add a touch of class or just as a bit of fun. Don’t be afraid to accessorize, below are just a few pieces that will hopefully inspire…

1. Shelf/life- Cucumber Melon Candle

2. Shelf/life- Wire Mesh Oval Tray

3. Georg Jensen- Alfredo Glass Carafe

4. Georg Jensen- Alfredo Peacock Pitcher

5. Georg Jensen- Alfredo Oil/Vinegar Set

6.The Minimalist- Varpunen Handmade Sacks via The Design Files

7. Jen Booth- Leather Lockets via The Design Files

8. O’Clock- Interchangeable Watches

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