Talking Point

By on 02-02-2012 in Inspired By, Interior Design, Obsessed With

I recently did a re-arrange of my home that left an empty space in the entry way, whilst still trying to find the perfect cabinet, my flat-mate decided he would like a ‘talking point’ to fill the space, something outrageous that would give people a fright as they entered.  He thought he might steel a life size poster from the cinemas, so I decided I needed to take action before I had Miley Cyrus greeting my in the hall way each day.  I have not been totally into the current Antler craze, but I saw an inexpensive rather inoffensive option (a plain white resin stag head) that I decided to go with as it would keep my flat mate happy & buy me some time.  It was enough of a talking point, as it will be staring you down as you walk through the door, and now I too am kind of looking forward to seeing peoples reaction as they enter!

I wonder if the owners of these homes were looking for a talking point…. Showering with a Rhino or two watching would certainly create some interesting conversation starters!


1. Photo by Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer, from Interior Design, via Design Traveller  2. Photos By Jean-Marc Palisse via Design Traveller  3 & 4. Desire To Inspire

** Update!
So the stag head is up, and he’s growing on me, although he’s not quite having the effect my flatmate wanted… no one has really noticed! I quite like that its small and plain white, the shelf is an inexpensive, temporary measure, but it will do for now!

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