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The Scandinavians have really got it going on when it comes to interior style. So much so, that ‘the Scandi look’ has become a hit all around the globe originating from cooler Nordic climates to inspire thousands of interior lovers worldwide. The beauty of the Scandi look is that it’s quintessentially natural, timeless and one of the easier looks to pull off. But if you’re looking for some guidelines, here are 5 tips to give you a head start.

Think clean, light colours, minimal with lots of Nordic style textures, animal skin, chunky wool, woven rattan, soft mohair blankets. If you’re looking for a one stop shop, BoConcept offers a lot of the classic Danish designed pieces that will help you complete the look. Here is a more in depth guide on how to create the perfect Scandi bedroom in your home.

1.Keep it white + light

The Scandinavians generally opt for lighter paler tones and avoid too many heavier darker colours because of their long winters and lack of daylight hours.

Hence, the colour white should be the base colour for any Scandinavian style bedroom, so keeping your walls white is a good starting point. The overall look should exude a sense of lightness, spaciousness, simplicity and cosiness at the same time. Similarly, as a general rule, the majority of your furniture and accessories should be in lighter tones. You can introduce some pops of muted colour tones such as soft pinks, blues, tan, grey or black to add some depth. Having some white bedroom furniture pieces offers the benefit of reflecting light back into the bedroom which is great for opening up smaller nooks and achieving a greater sense of space.

BoConcept Copenhagen bookcase

A great functional piece in white is the BoConcept Copenhagen Wall System featured above with touches or pale wood – all customizable to your own needs. Hide away your summer clothing, display your books and ornaments, this piece can do it all.


2. Animal instincts

BoConcept sheepskin rug

Shaggy or sheepskin rugs are a great way to introduce some much needed cosiness and warmth to your Scandi bedroom, especially during the chilly winter months. Try a sheepskin rug on the end of your bed or on the side of an armchair. For a point of difference consider a monochromatic rug such as the BoConcept Sheepskin rug in black and white show above.

BoConcept neat rug grey

To cover a larger area, you can opt for a shaggy rug such as the BoConcept Neat rug shown above in grey. Getting up out of bed in winter will become more appealing once you toes set into this soft landing.


3. The 3 W’s – Wooden, woven and woollen 

BoConcept Lid Stool

Wood, straw and wool are a classic ingredients of the Scandi look and will immediately add touches of warmth to your bedroom. For wooden pieces, sticking with paler tones will make the most of any natural light in the room as well as adding some colour. Reminding us of wintery log fires or a beautiful Nordic forest, wooden accessories or detailing will help bring a touch of nature to the indoors, typical of Scandinavian styling. Opt for furniture pieces with wooden detailing such as BoConcept’s Lid Stool (above), or beautifully crafted wooden baskets such as the Fading Basket (below) for that added textural warmth.

BoConcept Fading Basket

Baskets are a great way to create depth and cosiness in a room. Similarly when it comes to bedlinen, opt for chunky, deeply textural throws – a good choice would be the woollen Night n’ Day throw in black, grey and white (below).

BoConcept Night n Day throw


4. Light up a room

BoConcept Neat Lamp

Having the right lighting in your bedroom is really important because it instantly sets a warming cosy mood when the winter darkness closes in. Opt for fabric shades on long thin stems. Ideally go for a wooden base with a white or cream shade as this will make sure you’re combining warmth with brightness for winter – check out the BoConcept ‘Main’ lamp in white and wood (shown above). Metal lamps are suitable too if you’re living in slightly warming climates but be aware that metals often give a cooler vibe. It’s a good idea to mix up 2 or 3 lamps in larger bedroom, placing them in opposite corners of the room so you get a warm balanced light throughout.


5. Danish design statement pieces

BoConcept Imola Armchair

To complete the look, invest in some Danish designed pieces of furniture, which will bring that quintessential simple and stylish look to your Scandi home. Danish design is synonymous with organic and minimal contours and shapes, and something like a armchair in the corner of a room can become a real statement piece next to a more neutral sofa or a coffee table. There are certain pieces that once purchased, remain timeless design pieces, such as the BoConcept Imola armchair (featured above). Try it in tan leather for added warmth and colour – the leather will only get better over time.

To view any 0f BoConcept’s products, you can visit either of their furniture stores in Crows Nest or Moore Park’s Supa Centre.

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