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Gotta have storage with style – here we show you how to style a sideboard 2 ways. The Fermo, a Scandinavian style sideboard offers as much in elegant and minimal Danish design as it does in functionality. It’s the perfect piece to make a statement in your living room, while storing away all your items behind cupboard doors and inside drawers. With lots of customizable options, you can choose which style of leg you prefer and pick from a range of finishes from white, black lacquer to wooden finishes.


Sideboard styling

When it comes to styling your sideboard, getting it right can make or break a room. In the video with Stephanie below, we walk you through how to style a sideboard 2 ways, using a mix of accessories and simple greenery to create a beautiful and contemporary feature in your room.




Look#1: Nordic Dusk – a Scandinavian inspired, minimal look with feminine accents

  1. Use a mix of soft, pastel tones to add subtle colour and a sense of femininity to your space.
  1. The addition of warm metallic accents gives the look some added sophistication.
  1. Highlight with touches of black will give an unexpected edge to your feminine look.


Look #2: Metropolitan Moods – a monochromatic look, with bold and textured accents


  1. Use bold graphic prints to set the tone for your look.
  1. Use large-scale accessories in concrete, glass and metal to reinforce this bold and slightly masculine vibe.
  1. Finish the look off by adding elements of greenery. Don’t be afraid to go big with the scale of this either. Large ferns and leaves inject colour and will help to soften the space.


Discover our full range of modern sideboards online or visit one of their Sydney furniture stores in either Crows Nest or Moore Park, to see them for yourself. Or talk to one of our in store interior designers any day of the week, who are always happy to offer practical purchasing advice, customization options or provide a BoConcept in home consultation for you.


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