Sotto on West

By on 27-02-2012 in Taste This, Went Here

Living within two blocks of this little gem, I am kicking myself for not knowing about it earlier.  It’s tucked away location (corner of West & Carlow St North Sydney) is slightly outside of my usual route to anywhere, and as such I had totally missed it.

Image Source: Cherry Picked

Now that I have found it though, I expect that’s where you will find me Saturday mornings.  The light, open little corner cafe features modern interiors, a spacious courtyard out the back and timber tables out the front under the awnings, plus quirky little details throughout, including the intriguing teacup pendant lights hanging in the window .  Serving up your usual cafe suspects such as muesli, pancakes and eggs, with slightly more panache then most, plus a range of alternative and super tasty offerings featuring fresh produce, quality ingredients and complemented by herbs from their vertical herb garden.

Image Source: Cherry Picked

We had already had our coffee’s and fresh juices for the day, so we skipped these opting for an early lunch.  The juices however looked delicious, with most of the other customers sipping brightly coloured freshly squeezed juices.   We ordered the Petuna Lightly Smoked Ocean Trout salad, a tasty and fresh combination of smoked trout, a poached egg, quinoa and fresh salad, with a side of sourdough toast, and a ham sandwich, one of the best sandwiches I have eaten in a long while.  Made from Brasserie Bread, with leg ham, a fried egg, tomato chutney and salad, plus a more-creative-then-usual side salad.

Sotto on West are open for breakfast and lunch daily, Saturday’s all day breakfast is available & Sunday’s are breakfast only. With friendly staff and a great collection of trashy mag’s, its perfect for a social catch up, couple’s brunch or a leisurely solo meal.

Now that I have discovered it, can’t wait to get back there and test out their breakfast options & fresh juices, I have been dreaming of this sandwich ever since!



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