The Bookcase Edition

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So based on what everyone is asking about in store, it seems everyone is on the hunt for bookcases & wall units! So, I have decided to gather some inspiration of bookcases we love, and some styling ideas.  Bookcases are a fantastic solution for so many spaces, providing much prized storage and an area to display your favourite items to personalise your space.  Personally I’m currently loving extra tall bookcases that go to or near to the ceiling for a more dramatic effect, built in if you can do it, if not, there are some great freestanding options such as our Bronte unit.

Image (top): Desire to Inspire

Image (bottom): Desire To Inspire

Plain white bookcases come to life when filled to the brim with books, you can also look for versions that have doors or drawers, or add baskets to some sections to create some storage for smaller items you would rather hide.

Image: Decor8

Removing shelves, or choosing a style that has different sized cavities allows you to further integrate your living into the wall unit, like they have done in this example, using one of the larger spaces to create a bar.  I also love the way they have hung frames onto the backboard, creating beautiful repetition.

Image:  Desire to Inspire

Bookcases with options for TV’s & media equipment work exceptionally well in family rooms, open plan living rooms, studies & offices.

Image: Decor8

I have not ever seen a bookcase done like this before, but I love it! Books are like pieces of art in their own right, and if you have lots of books with beautiful covers you could create an incredible feature wall such as this one, which has a similar effect as a picture wall, yet it is even more dynamic, as it will evolve as you get new books, or arrange them differently.  This bookcase has been created simply through the use of hanging shelves, hung at equal heights, and painted the same colour as the wall.  I am also loving the rest of this room, the carpet and the wall paper are so textural and lovely, and balance the richness of the blue velvet sofa wonderfully!

Image: Decor8

I like the casual look of this bookcase, a bookcase that is full height, yet made up of white hanging shelves mounted straight on to the wall for a more relaxed approach.    The way they have mounted them has allowed for fantastic shelf display, they have left some gaps allowing for taller items, like the flower in the vase, and tapered it off at the top, to prevent it from looking top heavy.

Image: Brittanickel

I love the use of one single shelf in this bedroom, it anchors the print beautifully, provides a stunning display area for the owners eclectic mix of items and the fact its floating ensures the room remains light and airy.  This is perfect for small entry ways as an alternative to a console, or in bedrooms, it could replace a bedside table and potentially run underneath a window.

And finally, some styling inspiration from the Small Shop Studio blog, we are often asked how to create beautiful displays on bookshelves, and this image demonstrates so many key techniques!

Keep the shelves balanced, not symmetrical, display some things vertically and some things horizontally, group things in colous and size, and use a combination of books, personal items and small storage items such as boxes, baskets and containers to keep small items like jewellery looking neat.

A stack of white books, organised by size is topped off by decorative coral in the same white shade.

Images: Small Shop Studio

A stack of gold & beige books is capped off with a container, which matches in tone and typography.  Containers are useful for keeping small items like hair ties or paper clips within easy reach but looking beautiful.


Get the Look:

Image: Beyond Furniture

Our Vedi, Bronte & Alba units are great free standing style bookcases available in a huge range of options.

Our Astro shelf, available in 2 sizes is perfect for creating wall units.



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