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Snug Studio was formed by two amazing designers that live in work in Hannover, Germany. Snug Studio is part showroom, part office and part workspace and is a collaboration between Interior Designer Kerstin Reilemann from Domestic Candy and Architect Berit Luedecke. Kerstin and Berit launched Snug Studio in December 2009. The pair work so brilliantly together because of their similar design sensibilities; they like to experiment with turning old things into new ones in addition to creating their own designs. I first came across Snug Studio a few months ago when I spotted their clever geometrical vase, and was surprised to find out that it was made from a simple piece of cardboard! What I love most about their products are the clean, modern lines and the obvious traditional German influence. What’s more, the products are mostly handmade from wood or paper, and are a steal. It seems you don’t have to spend fortunes to get well designed and trendy homewares. You can buy all of these items on their online store too!


Not only have they referenced their German heritage through their handmade designs, but they have incorporated elements of traditional and modern Dutch and Swedish design as well. It’s interesting to see their unique translation of what German, Dutch and Swedish design look like combined. The result of their creations are fresh, innovative and beautiful! The current collection showcases a myriad of pastel, wooden, marbled and geometric colours and textures. The designs are both sweet and simple, and perfect as presents for family members and friends. I love the coloured rhombus fridge magnets, soft pink calendar and the cute cloud and bear cutting boards.


Snug Cloud €19.90


Snug Wax Postcards €4.50 (set of 3)


Snug Low Vase €12.90


Snug Magnets €14.90


Berit’s apartment, which is filled to the brim with Snug Studio products, was featured in the interior design book “Wohnideen aus dem wahren Leben” and in the magazine “20 private Wohnträume” (as seen in the images above). What strikes me about this apartment is the heavy use of white and wooden products to make up the colour scheme. Berit has added a fur throw to one of his dining chairs to add a little more warmth to the space. Other characteristics about this dining room are the layered frames that sit on the sideboard, and the small red and white trinkets which fill the center of the dining table, including the Kaleido geometric tray.


Source: Snug Online & Decor8



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