Small Apartment Tips from a tiny Sao Paulo Apartment

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Over on our Pinterest page, it turns out it is some images from a small apartment blog post that have proven to be the most popular, so I thought perhaps another post featuring a teeny 40 square metre apartment with some great space saving solutions would be in good order!


This small studio apartment has been transformed to suit a young bachelor, there are some great space savings solutions at work, and the styling has not been forgotten.  A small space can easily become overwhelmed with lots of colour, so here they have stuck to a black and white palette for the main furniture elements, and spiced it up with some red and yellow touches and graphic artworks. The white walls and ceiling help keep the space nice and bright, providing a sense of ‘airiness’ in the space.


Looking back the other way, the photos reveal the full length of the apartment.   This one open room contains the bedroom (can be separated via sliding doors), the living area, a generous study and a dining space.  The layout is functional, but comfortable.  Different zones have been created, and each work well independently, and the room as a whole has a nice flow to it.


The compact kitchen has room for all the essentials, and the oven/stove & fridge are neatly tucked into the corner, so they can’t be seen from the open plan living space.  One major complaint from those who live in studio apartments is they can sometimes feel like they are sleeping in the kitchen, and can’t escape the mess, this neat L-shaped kitchen is largely concealed from the rest of the unit, and the cooking space is as far away from the bed as possible.


The dining area has been created as an extension of the kitchen.  A floating table projects from the kitchen bench forming a bright eating nook.  If the occupant required less workspace in this unit, or if there were guests coming round, the spaces could be swapped around, a compact workstation in this corner, and the study area turned into a dining space.


By the entry door, in the hallway, a compact bookshelf has been created out of white floating shelves.  In small spaces, floating shelves are an excellent alternative to small bookcases, a normal bookcase with ends on it would be boxy and make the room appear very cluttered.


The living area is a cosy retreat thanks to the shaggy rug that defines this space within the larger room.  A good TV unit with storage is essential for a space such as this, to keep clutter to a minimum, you need to add storage units where possible.   The black leather cubes in place of a coffee table are ideal,  they can be used a a coffee table with a tray, or to put your feet up on, or you can use them as guest seating when needed.


The bedroom is separated by simple, sliding white doors, and storage issues have been overcome by building storage around the bed.  Wardrobes on either side of the bed are connected with open shelving.  If the wardrobes were to go all the way to the ceiling and totally consume that wall, they would become very overwhelming, having them stop short gives the impression of more space.


And a quick shot of the bathroom.  Again we see economical storage, the vanity has a deep shelf and some concealed drawers for the essentials, important given there is no linen cupboard!


The floor plan reveals the space breakdown.

Source: Planete Deco



Perfect choices for a small apartment, taking the black and white theme and adding splashes of blue, and looking at furniture choices that offer storage and functionality.

FurnitureBeyond Furniture

Sofa: black pradi

TV Unit: gloss white sola unit

White Leather cube ottomans

Astro gloss dark grey floating shelves



Grey Monika shaggy Rug

Blue ‘Triangle’ Cushion

Number Plate Cushion

Acrylic Storage Boxes

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