Sensational Staircases

By on 31-07-2012 in Architecture, Inspired By, Interior Design

This morning I was having a quick scroll through Planete Deco, a blog I regularly refer to for some interior inspiration, I was struck by 5 incredible staircases on the front two pages.  The kind of staircases you just don’t see in Australia due to safety regulations! These staircases were the wow in these interiors…

Concrete stairs in a holiday home in a 100 year old home in Mallorca.  I love how the stairs are contrasted against the white tones of the room, becoming a rather sculptural addition to the earthy and comfortable living room.

An industrial loft conversion in Johannesburg.  These industrial stairs form a bridge like connection between the levels, maintaining the openness and visual connection between the various levels that form the different living spaces, living room, office & bedroom.

The riverside home of a designer in Italy is full of rustic charm, including this novel staircase forming the access to a loft style bed.  Vintage storage crates have been stacked, and with the addition of a metal hand rail, they form the rather steep but never the less practical stairwell, doubling as a chest of drawers.

The incredible green ‘zig zaggy’ profile of this staircase is contrasted against the grey interior of an Architects home in Sao Paulo.

Detail of the green staircase with timber treads.  And the owner and a furry pal enjoying the view from the middle landing.

And finally another pooch showing off his owners modern stairwell in Ontario.  This modern, white cantilevered style might be fine for dog owners, but would certainly keep parents of small children on their toes! Beautiful simplicity and refined style though never the less.

All images sourced from Planete Deco


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