“Paint the walls black” she said…

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You can imagine the response most designers get when they propose to their clients to “paint the walls black”, it’s very few who actually allow the designer to go ahead! With responses such as “it will be too dark, too gloomy, make the rooms look too small, too depressing… etc”, all of which can be true, it can be a tough sell.  The client of this home was also surprised with the bold proposal, but went ahead.  The designer used the flow of light through the expansive windows, and shades of charcoal and grey on the wall to balance it out.  The finished effect is dramatic, yet refined and glamorous…

The wall of windows carries through enough light to balance out the charcoal and black tones in the living room.  The bookcase wall has a huge impact as the colourful artifacts pop against the black shelving.  The charcoal area rug defines this space and creates an intimate sitting area within the larger room.

The secondary living space on the other end of the room (how indulgent!), is lightened by the wall mirrors reflecting the feature bookcase wall on the other side.  Again the black area rug helps define this space within the larger room, and the green chair pops against the black elements.

Dividing the two living areas is this beautifully styled bar table.  The eclectic mix of the lamp, the greenery, the bar, and the artifacts creates a layered and dynamic display.

The dining room is a simple and intimate space, the chrome pendant offsetting perfectly against the black timber doors.  The timber floors bring a richness and warmth to the space that works wonderfully with the black and charcoal tones, and the white ceiling ensures the rooms do not feel closed in or dark.

Once again a beautifully styled setting in the hallway.  Each furniture item features unique textures, the quilted leather of the chair teamed with the quirky metal legs, and the timber on the credenza offset with the textured grey doors.  The walls are a warm, matt grey rather then being solid black, and the framed textile absolutely wows against it.

The tone is lightened in the bedroom, a lighter dove grey is used on the walls, with a cream rug, white bedding and light grey curtains.  Black accents continue the theme, the black storage wall is ideal for a master bedroom, integrating a TV and storage, the quilted leather bench seat and the armchair tie it all together.

The white fabric bedhead stands in front of a geometric patterned wallpaper, a dramatic inclusion for the master bedroom.  Once again the selective use of a bold colour, in this case the orange lamp really pops against the black.  I love the choice of a feature wall behind the bed, with a simple bedhead against it, its a wonderful way of achieving a designer look on a budget.  Wall paper your wall in a print or texture you love, and place a simple bed frame against it, the best part is, its easy to update when you want to change the look.

Source: Planete Deco

Get the Look:

Like the idea of black in your home, but don’t want to paint every wall black? Try introducing smaller elements of black accents into a room,  black accents are very modern and always add a touch of glamour (and a more expensive look!).  Paint your doors, door frames and windows black, or use a dark grey or charcoal feature wall unit, such as our Vedi in dark grey.  Or create a bold feature wall behind the bed, or around a fireplace, or in the kitchen.  Chalkboard paint has been popular recently, try it on the back of a door or a section of wall in your kitchen, it will introduce black and help you remember your groceries!

Oh and if you love that bedside – Beyond Furniture stock a similar design in dark grey

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