Orange Inspiration

By on 01-02-2012 in Inspired By, Interior Design, Obsessed With

I find when I am seriously tired in the morning, or when the weather is as foul outside as it has been the last few days, I reach for my brightest clothes, when I’m tired I feel like bright colours will cover for me, everyone will be looking at my brightness rather then noticing the bags under my eyes! Orange is a favourite of mine, less so in clothing, as it doesn’t really suit me, but I have always had orange in my home.  For me orange instantly brightens my mood, and I love the way it goes with everything making it rather easy to work with – although few people seem to know this so when it used it always looks daring & fantastic! I love seeing images of orange used well, the following inspiration shots feature orange as an accent colour in otherwise monochromatic settings, and orange used all over! I hope this hit of orange brightens your day too!


Orange, White & Black

1.  BoligLIV Via Design & Form  2.  BoligLIV Via Design & Form  3.  Little Brown Pen Via Japanese Trash  4.  Design & Form  5. Bo Bedre Via Desire To Inspire  6.  Apartment Therapy  7. Desire To Inspire   8. Apartment Therapy

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