One Bed – Two Looks

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As I have been collecting images for our ‘Beyond Furniture at Home’ albums, I am constantly excited to find how people have taken a piece of furniture and made it their own.  We have all sorts of fun in the showroom and on paper styling our furniture, yet, we are limited to staying within the brand’s look, or, when we style it for a customer during an interior decorator job, we rarely get to see the end look (and by the end look I mean, lived in, with the clients accessories and personality injected in).  Flicking through the albums this morning, I was most intrigued by two photo’s of our Vinci fabric bed, the exact same bed, styled to two totally different looks, and totally different to what you would find in our showroom.


Modern & Casual

Firstly, the Vinci bed as featured in the Elliot Ripper House by Christopher Polly.

The simplicity of the bed and the graphic quilt cover is perfect for the open and breezy nature of this room.  The fabric bed provides a softness and welcoming nature in the room, however it does not compete with the main feature, which in this room, is the spectacular tree outside.  The choice of a simple, graphic quilt cover brings a casualness and relaxed nature to this room.

Image Source: Arch Daily, photographed by Brett Boardman

To view the full story on Blog n Blogs about the Elliot Ripper House, click here.


Modern Luxurious

This photograph comes from (link to the property while it lasts), a house for sale in Bondi.

In this room the Vinci has been glammed up, resulting in an indulgent and luxurious space, an ideal bedroom oasis for urban living.  This look has been created through the continuation of the soft beige tones throughout the bedroom, and the bedding consists of a plush quilt, and a collection of soft toned feature cushions, offering a sense of luxury.  The mix of textures and patterns in the cushions adds some depth to the room, the soft blue in the frames, picks up on some blue in the cushions creating an accent, yet maintaining the overall serene feel.

The glam lamps framing the bed, the round mirror and the fresh flowers are all finishing touches on a beautiful bedroom space.

Also featured in this room:

The Pattino show cabinet in glossy beige $895 (Currently on special for $795)

The Ventura Mirror $395

Trevi Side Tables Glossy Beige $450ea


The Vinci Bed

Available from Beyond Furniture, in King or Queen.  The Queen is currently on sale, as a part of the annual summer clearance.

As Shown (Beige Wool – removable cover):

– King $3295

– Queen Was $2995 Now $1595 (while sale is on)


The Vinci bed is also available in a range of leathers, and fabrics.  My personal pick would be the wool upholstery (as above), although in the dark blue/grey colour for a modern, timeless and durable(!) look.




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