Office Space Tips From Emma Robertson

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Emma Robertson is a very successful graphic designer, celebrated blogger and published author. With a recent move to the bay area in San Francisco, Emma took on a new creative work space and injected it with style and inspiration. The space is a glorious 360 square feet of windows, light, wood, and plants! The office is located in Jack London Square, and has become home to Emma’s creative development and project work. A little gem she founded on Craigslist, she hopes to one day fill it to the brim with other designers and creatives. Rue Magazine recently interviewed Emma about her new office space … make sure to read on to see what she had to say!



Your favorite part about your office?
The light – literally 75% of my corner is covered in huge windows! It’s so nice to be welcomed by such gorgeous light when I walk in every morning. It keeps me awake, warm, and happy!

What were your design goals when decorating your new office space?
All of a sudden I had 395 square feet of office all to myself! I was used to one little desk in one little corner so the amount of space and freedom I had was a bit overwhelming. My main goals were to leave it open and spacious for projects and photo-shoots but keep it welcoming and comfortable for meetings and designing at my desk. I’m feeling pretty good about where it sits right now.



Can you share your top 5 tips for overhauling a workspace?
Oh man, this was my first time so consider me a newbie! Since my desk is where I spend the majority of my time, that was what I tackled first. I found this wonderfully simple white desk from Euro Style Lighting, an online based company that is collaborating with tons of great interior designers and bloggers. They are a great resource for products and inspiration. So once I had picked out my white desk and realized I only had white and wood in terms of a color palette, I embraced that and let it drive the rest of my decisions. So:

1.) Choose a color palette I let this guide my big decisions like the chairs, tables, and wall color.
2.) Sketch out a plan – Where is your desk area, meeting spot, messy craft table, etc. I love sitting down with a pen and paper and playing around with options!
3.) Make a list and knock ‘em off, one at a time – This was around the time that I got overwhelmed with options and ideas. It took me almost 5-6 months to get it in a state that I was happy with.
4.) Help is nice I tried to do it all on my own and struggled. My boyfriend worked with me on the larger projects like my big work table that’s in the middle of the room! Then I just needed my friends’ and office mates’ opinion on how things were looking. Otherwise, I’d just stare at it all second-guessing my choices forever.
5.) Make sure you have everything you need to get your work done comfortably and efficiently – Sometimes I was so focused on how I wanted it to look that I forgot about functionality.



What’s up next for you professionally? Any new projects on the horizon?
I have a few large plans for my business in the back of my head but I’m not sure which one I’m most excited about. Graphic Design is my passion so anything that involves me furthering my career in that will leave me happy! I would love to open up my own design studio and manage a team! Although, I’m enjoying where I’m at right now so who knows!

Source: Need Supply & Rue Magazine



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