Modular Wall Units

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‘Modular’ by definition means ‘designed with standardized units or dimensions, as for easy assembly and repair or flexible arrangement and use’, so when it comes to modular wall units why not embrace the aspect of flexibility and get creative, you will soon realise just how versatile they can be!

Image: Living Room Blog

The greatest feature of the modern modular wall unit is the freedom of position, each piece can work separately or as a team player. You can increase the hidden storage elements or create a unit mostly for display, they can also be designed to work around any size TV!

Image: Viano Wall Unit, Beyond Furniture

Image: Genova Wall Unit, Beyond Furniture

As an example take a look at these two modular wall units above from Beyond Furniture, the Genova & the Viano. By identifying the components within these units you can begin to play a game of visual tetris, mixing, moving and repositioning them into a personalised wall unit that meets both your desired look & needs. Below you will find just a few examples of what you can create…

Mix up the Viano backboards & shelves with the Genova Basso unit to create a unique look!

Mounting a row of Viano hanging cabinets above the Genova Basso units creates a great nook for your TV and some display items.

Staggering the long Genova hanging cabinets above a Basso units creates an entirely different look.

The possibilities are endless!



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