Modern Polish Apartment With Bold Accents

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Polish Interior Designer Lucyna Kolodziejska from Fabryka Wnetrz has amazing style, and boy does she love BoConcept! There’s definitely a distinct similarity across all of her projects, and that is that she almost always uses BoConcept accessories and furnishings. In this Gdansk apartment, she mixes different colours and patterns to create something truly original and personalised. The style of the apartment embraces both masculine and feminine themes, translated through the dark colour palette, furnishings and textures. In this particular project, she’s incorporated BoConcept rugs, cushions, candlesticks, throws and small tables into the design. Read on to see which ones she’s used!



The dark charcoal colours in the living room create a dramatic atmosphere, offset by BoConcept’s bright striped Oasis Rug and cushions, including the checked Scottish Cushion and the light grey Round Cushion. Lucyna has mixed and matched patterns to liven up the monochrome colour pattern, and has even added the Plaid Throw to tie in the with tones of the Oasis rug. The repetition of pattern and layering of textures adds a visual interest to the space, and the result is stunning. Don’t be afraid of combining cushions of different shapes, sizes and textures in your own home … It’s a quick and affordable solution to updating the look of your living room! Other BoConcept pieces in this room include the white Nest of Tables, Woven Bamboo Basket and the Letter Sculptures.


The light and airy kitchen contrasts perfectly against the dark colours of the living room. The kitchen cabinets and flooring are of a completely traditional style, as well as the dining room furniture. To balance out this classic look, Lucyna has added two large hanging pendants. This lighting feature provides just that touch of modernity to correspond with the rest of the house’s decor style. While the rest of the room is quite bright, the textured paisley feature wall provides an elegant contrast. The old style analog clock tops off the look!



Sitting on the bed is BoConcept’s +Print Cushion, mixed in with some grey, white and red textures. The built in wardrobe displays both a modern and traditional look, with it’s no-fuss timber panel cabinetry, and the white floor to ceiling doors. The black wall lamps make it a comfortable and easy spot to sit and read a good book, while the wardrobe adds that much needed storage space. On the chest of drawers we’ve spotted a few more BoConcept pieces, including the ‘H’ Letter Sculpture and a few of the wooden Candlesticks. They really brighten up the room!



Finally, we come to the bathroom! The delightful checked wallpaper and the exposed hanging lightbulb pendants are a trendy addition to the space! It’s a handy idea to hang a large mirror in smaller rooms like these, as they reflect the light, resulting in a really warm and bright atmosphere. Behind the bathtub, we have an amazing ‘mountain landscape’ wall feature. The skylight above lightens up the space, creating a really cozy and inviting setting to just relax and wind down at the end of the day.

Source: Fabryka Wnetrz



 Clockwise from top left: 1. Round Cushion With Piping $79  2. Scottish Cushion $89  3. Plaid Throw $99  4. Carlton Black Leather Sofa With Resting Unit $10, 944  5.  Nest of Tables (3 pcs.) $499  6. Oasis Rug $1,295

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