Modern Moscow Apartment

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This bold and dramatic three bedroom apartment in the north-west of Moscow is characterised by its patterned wallpaper, quirky accents and contemporary furnishings, many of which are by BoConcept. The owners, Galina and Sergey have lived in this apartment for eleven years, and have since spent that time constantly renovating and decorating it. Despite being a relatively cramped apartment, the interior designer has come up with some clever space saving techniques and colour solutions to really enhance both the look and feel of the space. Slowly but surely, its finally become the well-established home it is today, and the lucky owners can now sit back and enjoy their lovely little apartment. Read on to find out what BoConcept furnishings we’ve spotted in this modern European interior.



The opposing light and dark tones in the living room creates a great sense of harmony in the space. An example of this is the combination of the white wall system set against the dramatic paisley print wallpaper. The Occa Side Table in coral and the Kuta Floor Lamp provide both bright and metallic accents, while the Neat Shaggy Rug in white adds a comfortable and inviting touch to the room. The bold multi-coloured painting that hangs above the black leather sofa is from a previous BoConcept collection, however you can find a similar one here.



Seen above are two white Volani Wall Systems, or bookcases. The advantage of the Volani design is that the varying heights and widths of the shelves allow you to store and display quite a significant selection of personal belongings, whether they be large or small items. Also in this room, we’ve spotted one of our oriental style Stools in white, which acts as a decorative piece in the space. They’re available in bright yellow, neon orange, black and warm grey too. Stools are a great accessory to have in the house as you can quickly move them around according to your needs.



The interior designer has stuck to three main colour tones; black, white and dark brown, and has subtly introduced patterned textures and bright colours into the mix. Here we can see a close up of the Kuta Floor Lamp in the silver satin finish. The curved style of the Kuta means that it can either be used as a floor lamp or in the style of a hanging pendant, giving you plenty of options to play around with. It’s perfect for placing next to your favourite armchair or a sofa to give it a little extra glamour.



The third bedroom doubles as a study thanks to the use of multi-functional furniture in the space. The Melo Sofa Bed in the grey Sazza fabric has a reclining and sleeping function, so it easily converts into a double bed for overnight guests. The Occa Nest Of Tables in white (sitting to the right of the sofa) are effortlessly stacked, so you can use them as a singular side table or pull them apart if you need more space to place snacks or drinks on. Other BoConcept pieces in this study room include the Cato Rug in light grey and the Imola Armchair in black Salto leather, both adding a sense of luxurious comfort to the room.



Looking at the study area in detail, you can spot the Woody Table Lamp, brushed steel Hall Stand and Xtra Footstool in grey Sazza fabric. From a space management perspective, the Xtra footstool is the ultimate piece of furniture for occasional sleeping. The small size of the footstool makes it perfect for small living and still fulfills the need for a spare bed. An integrated folding mechanism enables this footstool to transform into an extra bed taking up very little space.  The Xtra ottoman is available in our full fabric range, so you can choose between many different structures and colors that will match your existing interior.

Source: The Village

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