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More and more recently, the Bohemian trend has been taking over the interior design community, with even an influence on one of the most enduring design movements of the 20th century, Scandinavian style. So it’s no surprise that decor-holics all over the world have been taking bits and pieces of what they love from the two diverse trends and making a look all of their own. It’s probably the perfect mix … Scandinavian style is very clean, neutral and modern, while the Bohemian look is whimsical, relaxed, sometimes colourful and always vintage. The fusing of the two interior decor trends creates a very unique look, which both clean and messy, neutral and chromatic, polished and rustic. It takes an old world trend and makes it relevant to the modern day. Scroll down to find out how you can get this sought after look!




One of the most important keys to re-creating this look is pattern, pattern and more pattern. Throw a bright Kilim rug in a contemporary living room, and you’re halfway there! If you’re wanting something a little more subtle, try a woven Aztec cushion or two in a more subdued colour palette, maintaining the modern feel with an eclectic twist.  For a living room, mix up the decor a little bit and add a gallery wall for a more personalised touch! Don’t add anything too gaudy and if you’re a decor newbie, keep to a black and white theme with simple graphics (i.e. typography), like the image above.




As mentioned previously, it’s important to fill your walls with colour and print, especially as this “Modern Bohemian” style is built upon a neutral colour palette. Bloomingville do a great variety of prints, especially the good old quote print, which instantly gives a room style and edge. You can go crazy here and mix and match styles, or perhaps keep to the same theme and tone for something a little more refined (as in the first image seen above). The theme is based around nature, rolling landscapes and crashing waves, and the colour palette is black and white with an added pink shade for diversity.




From the kitchen, to the bedroom, to the dining room … accessories really make or break this look. To start with, keep to a neutral canvas, and then add from there! It helps if your walls are painted white, and perhaps if you have oak or timber flooring. Some accessories you might think about decorating your home with for a Bohemian vibe might include a black or white skull, antlers, green succulents (namely, cacti), and anything vintage! Check out a flea market for some inspiration. To give your space a Scandinavian edge, try a copper pendant, white candlesticks and geometric vessels.




If you’re wanting a more bold look, the contemporary versions of Bohemian style are often characterised by their use of bright, saturated colors against a lighter background. Paint the walls raspberry pink to give the entire space a real boho flair, or leave them white and just fill the room with strong color punches: grass green, peacock blue, magenta or marigold yellow. For a much more subtle effect, choose from the neutral palette of earth tones (deep browns, beige, rust, brick and greens) – a tell-tale sign of the “hippie” bohemian aesthetic. Metallic accents such as lamps, lanterns, tea trays and bowls make a bohemian room feel complete.

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