Missoni Madness

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I quietly have a little Missoni addiction, currently its just towels, although I have a feeling it may shortly expand to cushions also, and budget permitting perhaps a rug (I certainly spent enough time eyeing them off when in Ollie & Lloyd in Brisbane a few week ago!)  I am currently in need of a new bed, I already have the mattress & the base, & have been looking around for options that are not just necessarily a new frame, my current idea is large Missoni cushions forming a headboard, although after stumbling across this image, I am re-inspired, a bookcase headboard and Missoni feature cushions!

I love the dark textured walls and the matching desk lamps also.

While we’re at it, the rest of this home features some pretty funky elements & a fun game of spot the Missoni (thoughts- is Missoni in every room too much Missoni?)

I am loving the randomness of this, the picture leaning on the wall, the quirky yellow shoes, the off tilt lamp, it looks more like objects and sculptures in a beautifully lit gallery then a hallway!

This image once again shows the placement of quirky items, what I really like though is the choice of black bookcase, allowing the objects and their colours to really pop.

I love this setting, it is very balanced yet unusual, the amazing profile of that chaise chair is a sculpture in itself.  The lamp works, even though the oranges are slightly different, and the console completes the setting, displaying relatively simple, white decorative items.  The black frame and the white acrobat hanging visually balance the setting in their perfect placement.


There are so many unexpected elements in this image its hard to know where to start.  Firstly the room itself is beautifully simple, all white, with the slatted ceiling and timber flooring with brickwork borders, it has a rustic and ‘cottage-y’ feel to it, with everything painted white though a lovely freshness is created.  The rugs and their comparative ‘shagginess’ give the room a lovely casual feel and warm up the white modern dining setting. What’s really intriguing is the indoor pool behind, and the change rooms (spot the Missoni gown!)… I am also absolutely loving the colourful dripping ice cream on the wall, a playful & entirely unexpected element!

This home indicates that the owners love to travel, and collect items along their way, resulting in a beautiful collection of unexpected elements, that with the simple white background, all work together.


Source: Planete Deco found via Japanese Trash


Missoni Home Available at:

Ollie & Lloyd – Brisbane

Top3 by Design – Sydney



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