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I’ve posted about Mim Design before, and everyone seemed to love it, so thought I would do an update.  Mim Design are a multidisciplinary design firm based in South Yarra in Melbourne.  Whilst I love all their work, their residential spaces win me over with their modern, yet livable spaces that allow the client’s personality to shine through, and spaces that make the most of the home’s existing design.

This SKD Residence in Melbourne’s Kew is a perfect blend of contemporary and eclectic, according to the client’s desire for a clean & contemporary home with unique detailing.

The clean light filled living room utilities neutral, modern furnishings with bold orange accents.  The oversized area rug helps create an intimate space within the room, defining the sitting area within the broader footprint and warming up the polished concrete floor.  The glimpse of the larger then life purple apple to the right of the shot gives us a our first insight into the client’s personality.

A shot from the other side of the room, I love the relaxed vibe of the sofa with the loose back cushions and the simplicity of the sleek white wall unit. The mix of grey’s, brown’s and beige’s is working well, with the orange accents bringing everything together.

A look through a hallway to the oversized apple, the glass door with the tree’s offers a lovely transition from the more traditional hallway space through to the modern glass and concrete space at the rear.

Looking back at the dining space, simple furniture choices, in black and timber tones let the artworks speak for themselves.

The modern kitchen, loving the simplicity of the black and white, and the design itself, whilst stunning, is very livable, with plenty of storage and workspace.  Once again a colourful artwork brightens and brings an energy to this space.

The bathroom continues the simple, modern aesthetic.  The funky orange bar stool is perfect, both to take a seat on and to add some zing through the vibrant colour and the angled lines contrast with the straight simplicity of the vanity design.

The bedroom is a warmer space, with the dark blue/grey walls and black carpet offering a moody and intimate atmosphere.  Love the hot pink combined with the navy and charcoal tones.

A sunny spot in the corner of the dining room, once again we see the bold orange that is used throughout the living and dining spaces.

A bright hallway, and an intimate space with more feature orange.  Note how many side tables are in this house – they help make each area that bit more comfortable, an arm chair is not as useful without somewhere to pop your book and a cuppa!

Out the front, the original weatherboard, the gorgeous balcony, and chairs in sunny places.

A shot from the rear, with the modern glass extension, a wrap around pool in the shade of the cantilevered roof.

View over the pool showing the open plan living, dining, kitchen space and the brilliant pendants.

SKD Residence by: Mim Design

Photographs by: Derek Swalwell.

Via Mim Design

Get the Look

And since I have not done a ‘get the look’ for a while, and I have a whole new shop’s range to play with, I thought I would put together a quick get the look based on BoConcept’s range.


Using some of the themes from the Mim Design House, we pulled out these looks, a relaxed look  sofa with loose back cushions, lots of side table, a great area rug, and orange accent pieces, plus of course a stunning bright artwork.

1. Cenova Sofa

2. Sakka Rug, grey cowhide

3. Breathing New Life Artwork

4. ‘Plaid’ Saree throws

5. Red Metal Stool

6. Occa Side Tables

All BoConcept

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