Melbourne’s Modernist Homes

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I came across this story of Sophie Gannon and her families home in Melbourne, and it connected instantly with me as the 1960’s Modernist Homes in Melbourne’s Kew area hold a special place in my heart.  My Grandmother lived nearby in her original architect designed home built in the 1960’s up until just a few years ago when our family sadly had to sell it.  I loved reading the story on The Design Files about Sophie and her family as we like to think that the young family who moved into my Grandmothers home are also respecting the home’s history and preserving this little piece of Melbourne’s Architectural history.

The classic modernist features of my grandmother’s home made for some wonderful moments with family and friends, the flow of the indoor/outdoor space meant wonderful parties, the floor plate that was a rectangle surrounding an inner courtyard, with floor to ceiling glass the whole way round, meaning you could wave to someone on the other side of the house, and the open plan light filled living spaces are just perfect for the new generations of young families moving in. There are many similarities to be found in Sophie’s home, right down to the steep driveway!  It was lovely to read the story of Sophie reconnecting with the original designers of her home to help her fit it out for her families needs, but in keeping with the original design intentions.   Here are some shots of the family home now:

The full height windows and those trees made this home instantly recognisable as one of the modernist homes around the Yarra in Melbourne.

Sophie Gannon worked with  Janne Faulkner to select the furniture, an amazing commitment to considering the homes original design, as Janne designed the original cabinetry in the house!

The homes original 1960’s kitchen was retained, in fact the majority of the home was left in its original condition, except the living room’s cupboards which were painted.

The sloped ceiling with exposed rafters, full height windows and absence of decorative adornment including cornices and skirtings are classic traits of the modernist era homes.

The modernist homes also feature light filled open plan living, and an indoor/outdoor flow.

Source: The Design Files

Photography: Photographs by Sean Fennessy, styling / production by Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.

And below some shots from my Grandmothers place, the home in its near original condition as my Grandparents were the original owners.





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