Melbourne Weekend Follow Up

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As a follow up to my ‘Long week-end in Melbourne’ post, I thought I would add some of the other places we discovered & my thoughts on the places we visited!

As always the tennis was incredible, we saw the Djokovic Vs. Hewitt match, was amazing to be in the crowd as everyone got behind our Aussie! And a big congratulations must be given to Djokovic for the incredible win, what an epic game last night!

On the Saturday we bought ground passes and spend the afternoon watching outside courts, such a great thing to do if you are in Melbourne during the Australian Open period, its inexpensive, and if you plan your day you can see some great games! Plus the atmosphere on the smaller outer courts is incredible, you are so close to the action.

As usual our stay at the ‘The Blackman’ was great, we had requested the same room as our previous stay, they were unable to give it to us, but we were given the exact same room, just one level lower, which was perfect! I love the big balcony, it’s so unusual you can actually go out and spend time on a balcony in a city hotel, and given the spectacular weather in Melbourne, the balcony quickly became a favourite spot! We also spotted a few major Tennis personalities at breakfast, who were enjoying their stay!

I included a photo of our room (excuse the dodgy camera quality!), showing the size & the balcony!

The Blackman Hotel Melbourne

In addition to the places mentioned in the original post, we also took a wonder to Chapel St, Sth Yarra.

We had a terrific lunch at Caffe e Cuccina, another favourite of mine, the crowded little restaurant in the middle of the main shopping street, is normally booked out for dinner, so call ahead or perhaps try a late lunch there.  The  Linguine Di Mare Al Cartoccio is incredible!

Caffe e Cuccina

Caffe e Cuccina

Image: Caffe e Cuccina

Whilst browsing Chapel St, we also visited the new Topshop, and to be honest I was a little underwhelmed.  Although in saying that, Topshop was not necessarily a fave in Europe either, so its probably just not my thing.  It certainly looked the part, with a distinctive Topshop layout, including the lines for the sales desks, although the whole thing was quite a lot smaller then I expected.

An unexpectedly lovely experience however were the walks though Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens, we did it a couple of times as we made our way to the tennis, and when we walked from the restaurant ‘The Botanical’ back to the city we intentionally weaved further in towards the lake.  I have not taken the time to walk through the gardens since I was a little girl, and it is something I would highly recommend doing if you’re visiting!

Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

Another welcome find was the new rooftop bar The Aylesbury Rooftop, we headed up there after a long dinner in Carlton, and sipped some delicious cocktails! The space is incredibly small by Sydney standards, but a funky & intimate space, that in typical Melbourne style feels like you’ve accidentally walked into someone’s apartment for a few drinks! I wouldn’t mind checking out the restaurant next time I return also!

Aylesbury Rooftop Melbourne

Aylesbury Rooftop Melbourne

Image: The Aylesbury

Oh, and Movida and D.O.C were their usual spectacular selves, The Botanical was good too, the lunch special a good deal for 2 courses and a glass of wine, and good service.



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