Large Letters & Bold Statements

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Large lettering used within interiors is a trend that has been around for a little while now and I for one LOVE it & think it’s here to stay. They are such a simple & easy way to make a bold statement in your home without creating anything to permanent. They come in many different styles from vintage to clean cut graphics and in pretty much any colour you want! Looking through one of my favorite blogs, desire to inspire, I came across this post with some great examples of just how large lettering can work in almost any interior + check out our Staff Inspiration at the end…

Freunde von Freunden via desire to inspire

James Merrell via desire to inspire

Chris Court via desire to inspire

Lucyna Kolodziejska via desire to inspire

Living Agency via desire to inspire

Design*Sponge via desire to inspire

Design*Sponge via desire to inspire


Staff Inspiration…

Speaking of large lettering & bold statements, we LOVE what our beautiful staff member Kirsten has done in her own home. Here is a sneak peek of her living space which incorporates a bold, red P that she has centered above the gorgeous Ferla II in kumquat orange which works perfectly with her floor colouring. She has also mixed it up with some cute, white display shelves, a few personal ornaments & colourful books with a vintage sign above, this look really gives the room some great personality!

Love the look? Check out how to get the look below!


Get The Look


1. Ferla II from Beyond Furniture (shown in Kumquat Orange)

2. Astro floating shelves from Beyond Furniture (available in 900mm or 1200mm)

3. Large rustic letter S from UncleJohnsCabin (via Etsy)

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