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I have been in the market for something different, bright and fun for my desk for months.   I have looked in all the usual spots, with the Stationery stores turning up beautiful bright organisers and notebooks, but nothing quirky or different.  I stumbled across Karton Group a few months ago, whilst reading an article in a magazine, I then visited their website after their Facebook ad popped up on my page.  The idea of cardboard furniture immediately drew me in, thanks to a university project that left no doubt in my mind about the strength and potential of cardboard as a structural material, one that can be manufactured from recycled materials and then in turn recycled.

The range available at Karton Group includes storage, office furniture, dining tables and stools, a bed with underbed storage and side tables.  They also have a range of ‘sheep’ storage units which is what really drew me in.  I fell for the sheep, and immediately wanted to replace my perfectly-nice-yet-not-nearly-as- interesting side table with a cardboard sheep.  I am still working on convincing my flat mate, so for now, I settled on a bright pink turtle pen holder for my desk.  I was thrilled when I saw it online, it met my requirements for something bright, fun and certainly different for my desk, and I get to trial a cardboard animal before committing to the sheep.

So I ordered it right away, that is, until I realised it was $10 postage for a $13 product, I would have gone ahead with it anyway, until I saw that they had a pop up store on Chapel St Prahran open until early April, knowing I would be there in a few weeks, I waited, then on the week-end, made the 30minute one way walk (from the South Yarra end of Chapel St) to fetch my turtle yesterday. I put the little guy together this morning and he is everything I hoped he would be!


My new little guy, right at home on my desk & already causing office envy!

The Karton Group range is ideal for a range of applications, its flat packed, easy assemble and inexpensive price point make it perfect for students, or renters who need temporary solutions, its ideal for home offices, or temporary offices, and teen & kids room- the cardboard is perfect for painting, so its fantastic for a child’s room, you can allow them to paint it in any way they like.


The Karton ‘Office Package’ a clever solution for home offices, temporary or ‘pop-up’ style offices or retail stores or simply for a new concept in your current office.


Perfect for students or guest bedrooms, with the added bonus that the bed can be ‘packed up’ after your guests leave.


Unleash your child’s creativity with cardboard furniture they can help decorate.  Let them colour it in, or help them paint it in their favourite colour.  Older kids or teens could have all their friends sign their bedside for something a little different.


And the sheep, available in 3 sizes, the Ram (largest), the Ewe (medium) & the lamb (tiny), the sheep is perfect for so many applications.  The Ram is sized so that it can store magazines, bookes and bits and pieces, the Ewe is perfect for DVD’s & Cd’s, and the lamb is teeny, for decoration or small item storage such as paperclips.  Replace your side table with a Ram, or release your DVD’s from a boring tower with the Ewe, use it in a corner of the office for something a little different, or paint some and have it in a childrens room or nursery for a fun alternative to a bookcase.

Image Source: Karton Group

The turtles and lamb make cute little office gifts, the turtle is available in a range of colours, I am loving my little turtle so much I think he may just have a sheep friend soon! (Also now that I have seen it in person I would have no hesitation ordering some of the bigger pieces online!)




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