Jackie styles the Lugano wall unit with 2 different looks

By on 26-10-2016 in Get the Look, Inspired By, Interior Design

Want to create a feature wall in your home? Watch how, one of BoConcept’s Interior Designers, Jackie styles the Lugano wall unit with 2 different looks. The Lugano wall unit by BoConcept is a beautifully designed Scandinavian wall unit that is part of a fully customisable storage system. The design offers a huge range of configurations of storage and display units.

Botanical Coast



The Botanical Coast look offers a nice contrast of light against the espresso stained oak furniture, balancing it out with some fresh greens and aquas using accessories and botanicals. A great look for spring but one that works all year around too.


Tribal Scapes


This look has a more monochromatic and bolder feel. Combining elements of tribal influences with a more familiar urban street scape. The subtle mix of ethnic and street scape nuances, give the Lugano a bolder and moodier look, injecting a little drama with the addition large black and white rhino print.


Tips on how to get the look:


Statement piece:

Start by selecting a statement art piece.  The art will give the colour and story inspiration for the styling.  If you get lost with styling, go back to your artwork and draw direction from there.


Height and texture:

Make sure your accessories made using different textures and heights.  This will add interest and appear more balanced to the eye as it travels across all the pieces.  The texture, heights, and colours create the story for the eye to read.


Personal touches:

Make it personal.  Add in your favourite books, a photo frame that has a great memory and has the feel of the look you are creating with the styling on the wall system.


Plant life:


Add life!  A simple touch of greenery will add that extra touch of nature and life and bring outside inside.  Make sure you select the appropriate greenery.  For the coastal look, light flowers with a subtle touch of pink were incorporated.  This would not work with the ethnic theme.  Instead, use natural branches and leaves to inject the life into the interior styling.


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