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The living and dining reveals for The Block Glasshouse were definitely above par this week, with some truly amazing transformations. Not necessarily my pick for the top spot, Michael and Carlene’s living and dining room won the room reveals this time. Too bad for the boys, their diminishing budget meant that their room didn’t match up to the rest of their apartment. Hopefully they have the chance to inject some last minute updates into the space to jazz it up a bit before it goes to auction. We’ve got some tips here on how to re-create some of the more successful looks this week. Read on to find out how!



Max & Karsten: Probably my favourite of the bunch, Max and Karsten created a fresh and contemporary living and dining room with a quintessentially Scandinavian edge (which I’m always a sucker for). The large navy rug really sets the layout of the room, while giving it a more inviting feel. Each piece is simple, however with an organic and raw aesthetic, giving the space a relaxed and earthy atmosphere.



1. BoConcept Crispy Vase $59  2. Lightly Rope Light Metallic $300  3. Domayne London Round Side Table $359  4. The Minimalist Green Loves Blue Print $59  5. Beyond Furniture Laurito Fabric Sofa

Bright and playful are two words that come to mind with Max and Karsten’s living room. Incorporate fun and bright accessories in geometric patterns with minimalistic pieces to get this look. Soft textures are layered in this space to downplay the cold concrete flooring. The dark rug and dining table contrasts beautifully with the lighter pieces in the room – this space has a great sense of harmony.



Chris & Jenna: Surprisingly, Chris and Jenna came in fifth! While I think it’s of the opinion that it’s better to stick to light neutral tones for wall paint, I think this mauve colour really complements the rest of the apartment’s elegant and alluring look. The end result is dramatic and punchy, with some pretty stunning blue tones lifting the dark colour palette.



1. BoConcept Three Shade Pendant $889  2. The Minimalist C’est La Vie Print $119.90  3. Beyond Furniture Ali Glossy Dark Grey Dining Chair $395  4. Country Road Dante Set Of 2 Stacking Boxes $79.95

Dark, mysterious and elegant. Keep to darker tones to re-create this look, with oak and metallic touches. Chris and Jenna have injected blue textures and tones into their living room space to break up the dark colour palette. The blue fabric sofa already gives the room plenty of colour, so pull back on the bright accessories and leave the sofa to do its job. Make sure your wood pieces are in the same colour/finish (or at least similar) to maintain consistency.



Dee & Darren: Definitely one of the more brighter and bolder rooms, Dee and Darren use striking blue throw cushions and a large woven rug to stir up some excitement in their adjoining living and dining room. While I’m not a huge fan of the styling, this one definitely gets your attention. We’re loving the look of the New-York-esque loft windows and super high ceiling. The large space feels so warm and inviting with the abundance of natural lighting pouring in.



1. BoConcept Sheepskin $239  2. Jardan Wlifred Armchair  3. Beyond Furniture Piccolo Side Table $250  4. Freedom Agave Foliage Pot Plant $39.95  5. BoConcept Blazing Cushion $89

Similar to Max and Karsten’s design, Dee and Darren have used wooden and neutral tones to set the tone of their relaxed and informal living room. A little more on the luxe side, velvety blue textures have been implemented in the design of the space to create a welcoming but sophisticated feel. Add in a leafy green pot plant or two to bring a little of the outside in.

Source: The Interiors Addict

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