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If you’re spending hour after hour working at a desk, there would be nothing worse than sitting in front of a blank wall staring into space all day. So why don’t you take the time to transform it into a small haven that motivates and inspires you. Firstly, you need to keep your workspace relatively tidy, and free from mess. The last thing you want is to lose an important document, or to search endlessly for a missing USB or special pen that you might need. The trick to keeping organised is finding a great desk, with lots of storage space. A clean, clutterless desk is essential for keeping a clear mind. You also need to have things on hand for when you need them quickly. Smaller pockets of storage space are helpful for when you’re in a rush, or if you have a dead line that you need to meet in a hurry. Adding personal items to your work space is also a clever idea if you’re needing some extra motivation. Create a mood board to inspire you if your work requires creativity. It’s best to keep these items sitting on a shelf or perhaps on the wall in front of you to keep your desk free from clutter. We’ve put together some great office space imagery to help you get some ideas.

Boconcept-14-02-2013 22776.jpg

The team from BoConcept are always creating functional and handy pieces to help you get organised in your office space. Check out the new Cupertino desk. It combines modern technology with the clean, simple lines and great function of Scandinavian design. Compartments for easy cable management and storage are hidden underneath beautiful oak panels. The small size and clean lines make this a very efficient and practical work desk.


This small desk creates great storage space with the added shelving unit, which sits on top. This one is probably not for worker who has masses of paper documents, but more for a designer who likes to have small inspirational objects at hand for when they’ve got designer block. The white desk and white walls provide a light space, and the accessories provide pops of colour, which adds a bit of playfulness to the scene.


If you’re thinking about creating a mood board, this is a great alternative to the conventional “pin images to a cork panel” idea. The same colour palette is used throughout the space, creating a great flowing design and atmosphere. The mixture of photography and textural items gives the space depth and a personal touch.


The work space uses plenty of white to brighten up the room. The results are crisp and fresh. Wooden shelving is used to break up the white, and to provide plenty of space for filing. Once again we see inspirational images placed on the white wall, which is really effective. Softer hues are added to provide interest, however the colours are quite muted, as to not take away from the rest of the space.


The sepia tones work wonders in this room. Again, we see a space that uses the same colour palette to create a complete design. A rustic and tranquil atmosphere is achieved through the use of black, white and sunburnt colours, as well as objects which remind us of an untouched landscape. The high shelving creates an outlet to construct a more professional and stylish mood board.


This desk has an integrated drawer system on the left hand side, which keeps the desk clear from mess. This space has more of an industrial feel to it, largely because of the rustic chair and metal accessories. A handy idea is sticking up emotive phrases or quotes on the wall in front, to provide that extra bit of encouragement towards the end of a long working day.


This ones all about bringing the outside in! I’ve heard over and over again that being close to nature one of the best things that we can do for ourselves. These green leafy potted plants surely remind us of being outside, and the window in front of the desk lets you gaze out and take a moment away from work. It’s such a peaceful and happy place.


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