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Spring has sprung… well almost! It certainly feels like it has in Sydney this week. The sunshine is definitely helping to get us out of the winter blues, and with that comes some spring colour inspiration! I have also recently realised the greatness of Etsy, a cute little site that allows people to sell handmade and vintage items. It was while I was perusing over this site that I realised how popular yellow has become this year and how stunning it can be when it is teamed with some great colour combinations, some of these that have caught my attention lately are yellow & teal, yellow & grey and of course yellow and black.  So with the sun shining outside and adding a little yellow to our lives, add a little yellow to your winter decor to give it that ‘pop’ & to help bring a little bit of that sun inside.

Image: desiretoinspire via Pinterest

Yellow & teal are a combination made in heaven! The combo is extremely popular this season and can easily be achieve with accessories, cushions or by adding a simple frame with a decorative print or two, like below.

Images: From Etsy store Spoiled Royal Studio

Image: style-files via Pinterest

Yellow & grey make a cute couple as well, with the yellow really ‘popping’ against the soft grey background. Browsing through Etsy I came across a few things, both vintage and new that would give a decor a great splash of yellow.

Images: Bunting Flags from tinch Design Studio, ‘You make me happy’ print from Apple Blossom Print, Vintage Sugar Bowl from Oh Dear Watson, Smiles & Elephants Prints from giraffesnstuff

Image: decor8blog via Pinterest

Yellow & black is the ultimate contrast, it’s fun, dynamic and can really define a room. You can make this combination as bold as you like by either using large block colouring (ie a wall) or play it down if you have a white or neutral interior and add smaller accessories that will create a little interest.

Images: Feather watercolour print from anna tovar, Vintage Krenit Enamel Mini Bowl from M Tipping Atelier, Bunting with chevron pattern from Custom Flag, ‘Be Happy’ gift tag from The Shop at Pooh Corner

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