Grey Interior Inspiration

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I absolutely love grey for the home, and based on the number of orders we are getting for grey sofas and furniture, it seems everyone has fallen for it.  With good reason, its modern, light, bright, dark enough to be durable with children, not too masculine or feminine and it can be used in just about any style of room.  Whether you are putting grey furniture in a neutral room, or white or black furniture into a grey room, it looks modern & fresh.  You can add an accent of the current hot colours, yellow or orange, or it works with just about any bright; alternatively you can keep it neutral, and mix grey, black, white and timber together using textural elements to give it depth.I have gathered up some of my favourite images for some living & bedroom inspiration…

Grey in the Living Room:

1. This beautiful living room combines timber floors with a grey feature wall.  They have opted for a grey chaise sofa, accented with white furniture and a black lamp.  The yellow accent colour, and the shaggy cushions/throws help warm the room up making it inviting and cosy for winter.  In summer you could switch the throws and shaggy cushions for something lighter and brighter for a summery vibe.  Source: Britta Nickel

2. I love the mix of grey and timber here, if the wall was white, this room would be very modern and monochromatic, the warm yellow wall has warmed up the space.  Source: Japanese Trash

3. The simple palette of black, white and grey is wonderful.  The choice of a huge, grey fabric sofa here has softened the black and white room, making it perfect for family & relaxing.  The timber dining table and black vertical timber wall has added texture and ensured the room has depth and interest despite the lack of colour. Source: Desire to Inspire

4. This is a wonderful space for the kids and family, it’s light and bright despite the very low ceilings thanks to the white walls and white washed timber floor, the white wall unit and built in shelving provides loads of storage without cluttering up the room.  In a room such as this, often people would be tempted to go for a white sofa, yet the light grey is perfect, it is still light and bright enough to suit the modern space, yet dark enough to withstand the kids climbing all over it. Source: Desire to Inspire

5. This room is definitely more black & white with a lavender accent, the lavender accent is a fantastic way of softening the monochromatic space, and making it a bit more feminine and homely.  What I found interesting about this room though was the grey cornice and skirting, it has helped define the boundaries of the room, and given it a bit of an edge. Source: Desire to Inspire


Get the Look:

If I could refurnish my living room today – her’s what I would be doing!  Grey leather sofa, low and with adjustable arms so I can lie down; some white ottomans for when there are extra people, the incredible Prima Signora lamp and a couple of floating shelves.

Grey on Grey – Get the Look

Dese Sofa in Elephant Grey

White Leather Cubes

Cintura Coffee Table White

Astro Shelves

Prima Signora Lamp

(Rugs – similar styles available in store soon)

(Cushions – west elm)


Grey in the Bedroom:

What I love about grey in bedroom, is that it is calming and relaxing, yet mature & not too blokey and not too girley, so everyone is happy with it!

1. White wall, charcoal fabric bed, shades of grey linen. Source: My ideal home

2. Grey wall, white bed, white + grey linen (love the bunny!).  Source: DustJacketAttic

3. Light grey dappled feature wall(!), shades of grey bed, plus vintage/rustic accessories.   Source: My ideal home

4. Light grey wall, light grey fabric bed, shades of white & grey linen + black frames, white orchid – my favourite! Source: My ideal home


Get the Look:

Grey in the Bedroom – Get the Look

Linea Bed Charcoal

Messina Side Table Grey

360 Lamp

Pelle Stools

(Rug – similar styles available in store soon)

(Linen – shades of grey)


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