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Today we’ve put together a few mood boards to give you some simple ideas on how to truly re-create the pared-back style of Scandinavian homes. Celebrated for their simplicity, practicality, and charm, Scandinavian homes have a pure, minimal style that is centred around warm functionality, clean lines, quality craftsmanship and understated elegance. The use of light is considered to be extremely important, and many Scandinavian homes  are characterised by the use of earthy muted tones, raw materials and minimal ornamentation. One of the most evident traits of Scandinavian design today is the inherent black, white and grey theme, giving it a simplistic but timeless look. As Beyond Furniture excels in creating classic pieces with neat lines, it was easy to re-create the ever so popular ‘Scandi Style’.


1. Beyond Furniture Laurito Fabric 2 Seater Sofa $3,539  2. Beyond Furniture Prato Coffee Table $1,495  3. BoConcept Kuta Floor Lamp $649  4. BoConcept ‘Ink in Water’ Canvas Print $329

Fabric sofas in neutral tones are definitely on the hit list when re-creating the look of a Scandinavian style living room. They provide a sense of warmth and comfort in rooms with a monochrome colour scheme. Add a few patterned throw cushions on your sofa, or perhaps keep it simple with cushions in the same fabric for a relaxed and informal vibe. And you can’t go wrong with a classic square coffee table!

Image Source: Quality Furniture Center


1. Beyond Furniture Astrati Glossy White Dining Table from $1,495  2. Beyond Furniture Oltre II Glossy Beige Dining Chair $350  3. BoConcept Lotus Pendant $69

Keep things minimal in the dining room with the Astrati Dining Table and Oltre II Dining Chairs both in glossy white, or try adding a subtle difference with glossy beige. Try to de-clutter the space for a simplistic approach, and mix contemporary furnishings with white and cool grey textiles to give off the right ambiance of a Scandinavian interior. Add in a few hanging lightbulbs for an industrial edge!

Image Source: Quality Furniture Center


1. Beyond Furniture Cassetti Glossy White Storage Bed from $2,450  2. Beyond Furniture Piccolo Side Table $250  3. BoConcept Berlin Table Lamp $359  4. Country Road Arvid Cushion $79.95  5. Hunting For George ‘Oh, The Places You’ll Go’ Print $65

Again, we see a fully fledged white interior, with black side tables to break up the look. Personalise the space with a collage of all of your favourite photographs … get creative and hang some fairy lights around the space to set the mood! It won’t hurt to add some grey tones in the room either, they work brilliantly with solid black and white pieces. Remember to fit in some soft furnishings for that touch of comfort!

Image Source: Quality Furniture Center


1. Beyond Furniture Aero Small Glossy White Desk $795  2. Foro Glossy Dark Grey Chair $350  3. BoConcept Woody Table Lamp $359  4. BoConcept ‘The Love Of Lines I’ Glass Art $189

The home office is where you should be inspired! Start off by furnishing the space with the essentials, a desk and a chair. Keep them clean and modern, as you’ll want to add in your desk accessories, and perhaps a wall mood board to keep the creative juices going. Our Foro Chair has a curved back rest for laid back support, meaning you can keep the good work going for longer!

Image Source: Stylizimo

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