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We have been gathering an ‘at home’ collection of images for a couple of months, and already I am loving the way that Beyond Furniture customers make the furniture their own, and add their own unique style to bring their place to life.  One of the stand out’s has been the Astrati Dining Table in gloss white, the modern & simple design lends itself to different takes.  Normally we reveal our ‘at home’ finds via our Facebook page as we find them, so I thought it would be nice to start compiling posts of a products once we have a couple of images to show how different people style it, and here is our first collection!  It is appropriate to start with the Astrati as I happen to be sitting at one now, I have the 2m Ash Grey version as my desk, its been a long time favourite of mine from the Beyond range!


We love this one, and so did our Facebook fans! The gloss white table, teamed with the Oltre chairs were a perfect choice for this stunning open plan room, it suited the contemporary aesthetic and is simple and fresh.  Simply accessorised with a green runner, that links to the incredible green outlook and a statement bowl as a centre piece.  The rug underneath defines the dining space within the larger open space and, being in a similar tone to the floor boards it does not interrupt the open feel with the indoor, outdoor flow.

This dining space has a wonderful airy, beachy feel to it, thanks to the plain white and washed out timber floorboards.  The two tone colour scheme of white and a light natural timber makes this a very calming space.

astrati white

The sleek white Astrati teamed with contemporary white leather chairs have a stunning effect in this modern home.  Left very minimal, the setting complements the modern fit out and kitchen, whilst those lovely floor boards prevent the room from becoming too stark or minimal.  The owners could add a touch of that mustard yellow (seen in the throw rug in the background), in a vase or oversized bowl in the centre of the table if they wanted to introduce some colour.

astrati white - match slide grey

Just as contemporary, but a warmer approach with beautiful brown tones on the wall and textured accessories mean the gloss white table (to match the kitchen) teamed with the textured mocha toned fabric chairs (the slim aluminium legs ensure they match the modern aesthetic) are a perfect choice in this dining space.  The pendant light adds a touch of glamour to the space, and the table centre pieces look great, introducing another textural element and the two different heights creates visual interest.

astrati plus oltres2

This large house (this is the informal dining – check out the formal dining through the doorway), with what appears to be a spectacular outlook from the balcony, has done a great job creating a relaxed casual dining area that complements that incredible, modern kitchen.   The matching Oltre chairs from Beyond are a great choice, they are comfortable and low maintenance; having the chairs placed on the ends rather then in two rows of three gives it a more relaxed look and feel and the fabric pendant overhead helps to define the dining area.  The red bowl adds a welcome splash of colour.

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