Elegant Singapore Maisonette

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0932 Design Consultants have transformed a monotonous and cramped apartment in Singapore into a contemporary and sophisticated house for a young family. Using the existing raw textures of the maisonette to their advantage, the architects stripped back the apartment to expose the interesting industrial elements, and further complemented them by introducing more refined textures.  The space has a very clean and minimalistic aesthetic, defined by the black metal steel frames, raw concrete finishes and angular door openings, as seen entering the living room from the dining room.  The colour palette is relatively subdued, with a greater focus on the textural finish of the materials. White painted walls contrast beautifully against the black metal steel frames, paired with mainly white furnishings and sporadic pops of colour … the Mezzo two and a half sofa in the luxurious tan leather by BoConcept is truly the stand out piece in this maisonette due to its strong masculine shape and elegant stitching details on the cushions.



The key to the look of this sophisticated family home in terms of furnishings is quality over quantity. The Mezzo sofa in the mocca Estoril leather acts as a focal point for which other pieces are built around. The sofa really adds a sense of warmth and comfort to its austere surroundings, begging you to sit down and relax in its spacious seating and soft cushioning. In front of the sofa we find a tufted light grey rug (similar here) and a nest of tables in white, black and teal (similar here) to infuse more colour and texture into the space. The Kuta Floor Lamp hangs delicately over the Mezzo sofa to add greater visual interest, while functioning as the perfect reading lamp.



The back cushions on the Mezzo sofa are adjustable, so you can experience a great fit, whether you prefer a more upright or a more casual, laid-back position. The thin top cushion is attached with Velcro to ensure that it stays in place and aligns the stitching from one module to another. Furthermore, it is easy to remove when cleaning underneath is needed. This look emphasizes the horizontal lines and is a great contrast to the thick base. The space between the back cushions adds further lightness and is also a contrast to the solid base, ensuring a beautiful and well balanced design. You can design your own Mezzo from a wide range of sizes, shapes and colours.

Source: 0932 Design Consultants

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