DIY: Gift Wrapping

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With just one week away, I hope that most of us have our Christmas shopping done and dusted. There’s only one more thing to do before you put them under your Christmas tree, and that is to wrap them! Don’t settle for the ordinary red and green wrapping papers, if you’ve got some spare time on your hands, try these simple and beautiful ideas that we’ve collected from some of our favourite blogs and craft stores. They’re super easy to make, and don’t cost a fortune either, which is always a plus! The only downside is, it’ll be hard to rip into your presents this Christmas when they’re so beautifully wrapped. Scroll down to check out some ways of surprising your family and friends this year with some fun and quirky wrapping paper ideas.


1. The House That Lars Built: Blogger and crafter Brittany Watson Jepsen and designer Kate Zaremba have teamed up to show you how to make some pretty unique gift wrapping ideas. They’ve used Kate Zaremba’s printed gift wrapping paper, and created 5 simple “gift toppers” for them, including a perfect bow, holly and berries, paper pom, the pendant and the forest. They’re so simple to make, and all you need it some printed and coloured paper!

2. ZanaProducts: Dress your gifts with these handmade cards! They’re screen printed in white onto brown craft paper, and come with 6 meters of string for you to fold around a box or a wrapped present. Natural coloured paper will always be a staple in my home, and these little cards are a great addition. Add a touch of real holly, and you’ve got yourself some pretty adorable looking prezzies!


3. Mr. Printables: Kids will love this one! Wrap you present boxes in plain paper (white paper is best), and use the standard gift wrapping method, finishing with the triangle flap folds over each side. Fix the flap part with glue and paint some black at the end of the triangle flap to make your animal noses. Then, just draw on some animal faces and cut four legs and glue them under the box. Easy!


4. 100 Layer Cake: If you’re bored with the plain old gift bows you find in Newsagency stores, why not make your own? Hope over to 100 Layer Cake to catch an easy tutorial on “how to make your own gift bow out of old magazines”. Super easy to make, all you’ll need is a pair of scissors, double-sided sticky tape, and some old magazines, or perhaps newspapers. Can’t wait to try this one at home.


5. Minie Co: Check out this cool crossword gift wrap! Such a fun little idea, and according to Minie Co. it’s easy to make your own personalised word search gift wrap. Just jump online and look at some ‘wordsearch generators’, print out a design onto A4 or A3 paper. Highlight the words you’ve generated yourself with pens (or highlighter strips), or leave that up to the person you’re giving the gift to.


6. Cotton And Flax: Stamping your own gift wrap is a fun way to personalise a gift, and to re-use some paper that you might have on hand already. Cotton and Flax show you how to hand carve your own stamps using a small block of soft printing linoleum. Other materials needed are paper, ink, carving tools and pencils. Check out the link to see how you can recreate this look!


7. Decor8: Leslie from Decor8 shows you how you can take something that inspires you and turn it into a craft project, a floral arrangement or maybe a little decor item for your home. Using an inspiring image, she takes the colour palette and shapes from it, and recreates them into beautiful wrapping paper. She made feather cut outs for tags, and made her own stamped wrapping paper.


8. Normans Printery: Not really a “Do It Yourself” project, but I just had to show you these amazing wrapping papers from Normans Printery on Etsy. You can have your very own mountain range under the tree this Christmas. The set includes 6 different paintings of wintery scenes in soft newsprint paper to wrap your gifts up in. Check out the store’s other unique gift wrapping papers, there’s a galaxy printed version too!


9. Going Home To Roost: Here we have some clever Christmas “chalkboard” packaging from the blog, Going Home To Roost. You’ll need some black kraft paper, a few white paint markers or pencils, and a few good ideas! Take the time to sit down and doodle some motifs that you can draw onto the black paper. If you’re not much of a drawer, there’s plenty of downloadable ones you can print out for reference.


10. Maja Matala: Here’s another simple one that you can do at home … Just grab some brown wrapping paper, a black marker pen and some different coloured stickers (you should be able to find them at a Newsagency or craft supply shop). Wrap your prezzies and place some bright stickers in patterns on the front side of the box. Draw on some patterns, words, phrases or symbols too.

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