Customising the perfect bed – 6 secrets to getting it right!

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BoConcept Lugano bed quilt modern bed sydney

They say we spend almost a third of our lives asleep! So considering the amount of time we lie in our beds, selecting one that let’s us have the best night’s sleep possible should be a priority. Here we share 6 secrets you should know when customising your perfect bed.


Inside storage

BoConcept Lugano bed modern bed sydney

With space becoming more of a commodity than even, using your bed frame as storage is no brainer when it comes to maximizing storage space. BoConcept’s Lugano storage bed has been created with just this in mind with ample storage inside, which will free up other areas in your bedroom for clothing, furniture and decorative items.

There are a number of storage beds available at BoConcept, check out this how to styling video below to see how you can style the Mezzo storage bed with 2 looks. Subscribe to their Youtube channel to view more video updates!



2 in 1 – Sofabeds

BoConcept Madison sofa bed modern bed sydney

If you’re living in a small apartment, you might want your sofa to double up as a bed, it’s the easiest way to invite guests over without them having to sleep on an uncomfortable sofa! Choose from these 3 space saving options, with the BoConcept Stockholm or Madison sofa beds. For the maximum is space saving, opt for the Xtra footstool, which handily folds out into a full length bed for guests to enjoy a good night’s sleep.


Head of the bed

BoConcept fishscale padded quilt modern bed sydney

A bedhead can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and can become a very elegant decorative piece in your bedroom. It can be plain and simple acting as a frame for your bed or you can also create an eye catching statement piece that is the focal point of your bedroom. Get creative and consider a fabric or leather bedhead to add extra texture and colour to your bed.


Comfort is key

BoConcept Lugano bed head modern sydney

Choosing a good quality mattress is key to having a good night’s sleep, so don’t forget to consider this. Test out a few mattresses in a bed store to get the right feel and level of comfort you want and get advice on what mattress is best for your back. Make sure you choose the right height and size for the bed frame you’re buying.



BoConcept Lugano night stand modern bed sydney

Our beds often become a place where we read, study, research that holiday or search for interior inspiration from magazines. So it’s a good idea consider the right beside table option, with many beds offering an add on table that is part of your bed. The Lugano bed has the option of adding on the Lugano night stand, a fully customizable bedside table that attaches to the bedframe, like an extension of the bed.


Textile layering

Adding the finishing touches to your bed is the fun part! Your bed should be a place you look forward to resting on, so think about layering with different kinds of textures in the form of pillows, cushions, throws and bed spreads.

BoConcept bed modern cushions

As a base bed spread, consider opting for a neutral colour such as the Herringbone padded bedspread, mixed with a Night n Day woolen throw and one or more of these cushions combining different textures – Rough velvet, Goat skin and Felty. Cushions are always a great way to add a pop of colour to your bed, so don’t hold back and have with a colour palette that works for you!

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