Contemporary Living in Brisbane

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So from Tuscany to Balmoral, Balmoral Brisbane that is.  I have decided to take a closer look at the Balmoral Hill House in Brisbane, by architect and interior designer Suzanne Wynter due in part to its contemporary Queensland design, and in part due to it’s mix of modern furniture, a mix that we know all about.

Looking into the open plan living space, the house is finished with spotted gum timber flooring and enjoys views over Brisbane.  The living room is kitted out with a super-sized leather Jasper sofa from King furniture, and the Basso TV units in dark grey from Beyond Furniture.  Now, since I work for Beyond Furniture, King Furniture is, in a sense, one of our major competitors, however, we have known for a long time that a King/Beyond pairing is not only common, it works, meaning we have plenty of time for the King Furniture range, and often find ourselves assisting customers with furniture solutions to complement their King sofas.  King sofas are not for everyone, mostly due to their large sizes, they simply do not fit in some smaller apartments, but if you have the space, their solutions are comprehensive and stylish.  And our furniture works a treat with it.  (King do have a range of furniture also, but the price tag is in a slightly higher category then their sofas as they are from different suppliers).

Here the Jasper makes great use of the space, the double chaise makes for a comfy looking relaxing area.  The Basso units are the perfect solution for this wall, sitting just below the nearly floor to ceiling windows, providing a clean modern bench style effect, and offering plenty of drawer storage for bits and pieces.  Here they have used two of the smaller sized basso’s placed side by side to create one long 3m bench.  Whilst the TV works sitting on the Basso, wall mounting just above would an even more sleek effect.  The furniture selections work in the contemporary space, and the grey ties in with the grey elements of the feature stair case.  The black rug is too stark however, and too small, I would go for a larger & lighter flat woven style.

The Atsrati table in gloss dark grey matches the TV units, the lengthy 2.4 version makes the most of this space, offering a generous 8 seater (sometimes 10 seater if they wanted).  Personally I would have opted for different chairs, or rather, the chairs are fine, the room might have come alive further if the Jasper were in white leather).  Whilst I am unsure of where these chairs have been sourced from, the Arctic Dining chair from Freedom is very similar.  My usual pick with the Astrati would be the co-ordinating Oltre chairs in grey or white, or for a leather option the Roma (both Beyond Furniture).

The kitchen is also worth a look for it is so new & sparkling! This raised kitchen overlooks the open plan living room, the spacious and modern design is accessorised with a single modern pendant over the breakfast bar.

We will be on the look out for more Beyond/King pairings – so stay tuned!

Source: Home Life (Image 1); the remainder of the images Real (the house is on the market, link while it lasts)


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