Container City Christchurch

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I recently got back from a two week trip to New Zealand’s South Island, we were able to travel around most of the island and saw some magnificent sights. Personally the highlights were Kaikoura (swimming with the dolphins), the West Coast, Franz Josef Glacier and Queenstown, however as beautiful as these were Christchurch was a highlight in a different sense. Flying into this city after the recent devastation I was reluctant to stay very long, knowing that most of the once historic infrastructure around the CBD was now no more. As expected there was a very somber feel to the city, with an ironic sense of quietness and calm, however in saying this signs of rebuilding, restarting and moving on were definitely apparent. This was most evident near the centre of the city where a ‘Container Mall’ has been erected to help businesses keep going or start over. It is quite a sight to see the neat little containers sitting side by side and stacked on top of each other, with their multi-coloured exteriors adding some brightness to the cityscape.

Container Mall

An attraction in themselves, these simple containers have created a space with a strong architectural element with their clean lines and industrial feel. Sitting in one of the container cafes it is easy to appreciate the remarkable design element that has been a result of what otherwise was a horrific situation.

Container Cafe

Although Christchurch is in the state of rebuilding, the Botanic Gardens were largely unaffected by the quake, we spent half the day here and were able to appreciate the tranquil surrounds.

Christchurch Botanic Gardens

While in Christchurch we stopped for dinner at The Running Bull, they serve an amazing burger called the Big Billy Burger, definitely worth trying when in Christchurch.

The Big Billy Burger

Stay posted for more on my NZ trip!




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