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Designer Rugs, a company with over twenty five years experience in creating rugs of exceptional quality and unique designs, has now teamed up with Camilla Franks, the ‘Kaftan Queen’ of Australian fashion design. Created exclusively with the in-house design team of Designer Rugs in Sydney, Camilla has taken six of her textile prints and through playing with scale, colour-matching and texture has reimagined them into a range of six vibrant rugs, each measuring two-by-three metres. Camilla’s extensive wanderings to exotic locations, including Marrakech, Japan and Spain, have inspired her enchanting and culturally-sourced prints. With collaborations with many brilliant designers, such as Catherine Martin, Greg Natale and Easton Pearson, Designer Rugs have lead the way with innovative and unique rug designs. Now, Camilla Frank lends her signature whimsy style to our homes in a very lovely fashion. The launch in Sydney was a typical ‘Camilla’ event, with everyone top to toe in Camilla’s beachy luxe style, even the waiters!



Exploding with colour, the new Camilla X Designer Rugs range is an exciting collection that will brighten up any space. The designs have been inspired by Camilla’s travels, bringing the traditional artistry of exotic cultures into Australian homes. Each rug has a story and a motivation behind it, many of them being enlivened by Chinese, Japanese and Greek mythology. For example, the ‘Endless Summer’ rug is “an exuberant exploration of traditional Japanese Design. This vibrant juxtaposition of traditionally executed elaborate flowers with angular patterns is rendered thoroughly modern through its mirror graphic style repetition. A visual feast comprised of ancient Japanese pictorials of mountains, delicate bridges and shutters with the luxurious full blooms.”



Hand-tufted from 100% New Zealand Wool, the intricate detailing achieved in each rug is thanks to the use of wool that has been semi-worsted in its processing.  Intensely spun, the semi-worsted wool allows for tighter, more densely packed tufts. As a result, this permits a greater level of detail in the tufting process but placing contrasting colours side by side to create complex patterns and imagery. Additionally, New Zealand wool an environmentally friendly product, and is one of the world’s most purest, whitest wools available, offering excellent dyeing characteristics that create long-lasting colours. The rugs are enhanced through hand-carved details, and can be customised to a client’s specific requirements, ensuring that each rug sold is of the highest quality and remarkably durable.




Above are some styled shots of the collection, showing their incredible versatility and ability to suit modern interiors. The designs are both vibrant in colour and intricate in pattern, making them the perfect feature piece for any home. Pared back with minimal furnishings, the rugs are definitely the stars of the show. Keep to neutral colour tones, and add brighter soft furnishings, such as cushions and throws, that pick up on the same hues in the rugs. As seen above, the stylist added in a small side table in the same blue colouring of the ‘Formentera’ rug. Due to their cultural references to intricate mosaic and traditional tapestries, they best suit homes which reflect these historic styles, or are of a contemporary and minimalistic nature.

Source: Habitus Living



1. BoConcept Pine Cone Table Lamp $949  2. Country Road Franzi Cushion $59.95 & Country Road Jette Cushion $49.95  3. Beyond Furniture Sorano Sofa $4690  4. BoConcept Quilted Vase $179  5. Camilla X Designer Rugs Endless Summer Rug

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