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I came across a photo of this bedroom recently on Pinterest, and just fell in love! The blogger Bambula owns this very beautiful bedroom, and I have since found out that her whole house is just as stunning! I don’t think I’ve seen so much colour before, and I must say it has my love of black and white themed homes is slowly fading. It reminds me a little of The Design Files Open House recently shown in Surry Hills, Sydney. Lucy Feagins used a similar salmon pink in the children’s bedroom of the Open House. I like how Bambula has decided to paint the walls in a sort of colour block fashion, with the pink paint invading a third of the central wall. What’s more is she has placed a timber panel behind the bed to finish off this look. The most interesting element to this home is how perfectly executed the colour scheme is and the intricate detailing that went into the design.



The bed features bright and colourful linen and cushions, all very reminiscent of the most recent Gorman homewares collection. If you pop onto The Design Files Open House website and click into suppliers, you’ll find all the tools you’ll need to recreate this sunny and dreamy bedroom. I’ve been a big fan of apothecary bottles recently, and am currently trying to source some for my new apartment. We have two shelves in the living room that are looking very bare, and thanks to the above image I think I know what they need know … something gold, some potted plants and a few of those delightful apothecary bottles.



You can pick up a ladder from Ikea in a very similar style (as seen above) for only $15. If you’re in the mood for a little DIY you could even try the popular dip dye trend with just some spray paint and some tape. I really like how Bambula has layered the black and white geometric rug with the woven rug for greater depth.  For this look, I think it’s important to stick to pastel colours and add just a touch of black and white to break it up a bit. Don’t be afraid of introducing vintage, retro, modern or art and craft type pieces into the mix either, it’s definitely worked in this fun and playful bedroom!



It’s the smaller details that count in this kitchen. Check out those delicate brass details, including the industrial style hooks and the vintage kettle. Have a wander through your nearest Vinnies or op shop and I’m sure you’ll be able to pick something similar up! The breakfast corner makes a statement with a moss green and white geometric wallpaper, which contrasts beautifully against the assorted black dining chairs and the classic white table. You’ll notice that the wallpaper picks up on the colours of the outdoor patio. This makes for a very fluid colour scheme.



The outdoor patio area features plenty of pot plants both on the ground and hanging from the white timber screen. I think this is a good idea to note if you have a small garden or perhaps just an apartment balcony. This space has been kept relatively free from colour. I’m finding myself stealing ideas from Bambula’s home, especially in the case of the dining room. At the moment we have quite a dark timber dining table that clashes with the rest of the space, so I’m thinking I might grab myself a tablecloth in a lightly coloured pattern just to brighten up the space a bit.



The children’s room decor is quite similar to the rest of the home, but perhaps a little more fun and playful. They’ve used the Ikea Stockholm rug to cover the hard flooring, and added in a trendy black and white tree wallpaper. The yellow and green triangular print bedding introduce a bit more colour into the space. Both the moon clock and the ombre curtain are DIY projects by Bambula, and are surprisingly quite easy to make. What are your thoughts on this family home? I am definitely all for it!

Source: Bambula



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