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So yesterday we posted an image of a gorgeous room with some newly delivered furniture that needed some love to bring the look together.  We put the “what would you do next” question to our Facebook fans and we loved the feedback so much that our designer spent some time using the magic of Photoshop to put the room together based on the suggestions!

Here is the room, in it’s newly delivered furniture form:


We can see that the room is gorgeous and modern with its pale walls and off white tiles, the furniture looks fabulous, it is always a great decision to invest in great quality, neutral basics.  And the pure white leather teamed with the glossy white coffee table and TV unit look fresh and clean.

Furniture Details:

Olvia Sofa in Pure White Leather

Incavo Coffee Table in Glossy White

Prima 1.8 TV Unit


The feedback we received was largely to add colour and life through soft furnishings including a rug, some cushions, throw’s and artworks.   It was also felt that plantation shutters would help, rather then vertical Venetians.  We particulalry liked one suggestion to layer in earthy tones and texture, and maintain the freshness of the white.  After just a little time in photoshop, here is what we came up with:


We chose to start by adding some warmth with a textured rug, and some fabric ottomans in place of a side table.  We switched the blinds to shutters, which even in photoshop freshened the space up immediately!  Some throw cushions added some colour, we chose navy blue as it is on trend and suited the space.  We then complemented that with a contemporary artwork and accent vase on the TV unit.  The floor lamp introduces some metallic, and helps create a more intimate space.  Fresh flowers and a couple of books help it feel a bit more personalised.  So, thoughts now? Do you like it as it, would you take it further or would you have done it totally differently?

Accessory Details:

Rug: Herman Diamond Camel & Ivory, available at Beyond Furniture (call 1300 11 22 33 for details).

Ottomans: Drum round fabric ottomans, Beyond Furniture

Vase (clear): Tulip Vase Clear, Beyond Furniture

Artwork: available to order through Beyond Furniture (call 1300 11 22 33)

Floor Lamp: Kuta Floor Lamp, BoConcept

Blue Vase: Dark Blue Stoneware, BoConcept


Beyond Furniture Interior Decorator: Would you like some extra help to bring your room alive?  Our Interior Decorator can help! Call Beyond Furniture on 1300 11 22 33 for more details, or email



So yesterday’s makeover went up on Facebook and whilst it received plenty of likes, others wanted to see more colour and vibrancy.

So here is round three (and please note: I agree with the comments in regards to putting a plant in there, and would also have a couple of cushions on the sofa, but it didn’t translate in photoshop!).


All accessories in this image available through BoConcept .

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