Bedroom Styling With The Walnut Collection

By on 19-06-2014 in Get the Look, Inspired By, Interior Design

Our new walnut collection features a classic design aesthetic with surprising twists in colour, patterns and materiality giving it a unique edge incomparable to other furniture retailers. Some of the latest products soon to arrive in store include the Windsor storage bed, Kroes bedside tables and Cassetti dresser chest & desk set. These pieces are timeless, classic and hard-wearing with small design details that make them truly special. To help you design your dream bedroom, we’ve styled three essential elements, including the bed, dresser and storage unit, in this case a buffet.

1. Windsor Storage Bed  2. Piccolo Side Table  3. Fredrika Framed Painting

The new Windsor bed has an understated walnut veneer frame, a striking leather headboard and under-bed storage. It’s perfect for those who love to sit up in bed to read or watch TV and want something comfortable to lean against. The storage draw is extremely practical for when you need that little extra space for hiding away clothes, linen and shoes. Tie the look in with copper and pastel pink accessories for an elegant touch.

1. Olsen Lounge Chair  2. Cassetti Dresser Chest & Desk Set (walnut version coming soon)  3. Esta Hanging Mirror (walnut version coming soon)

The new Cassetti dresser and Olsen lounge chair have a distinctly masculine and bold design aesthetic making them perfect for shared bedrooms. The Olsen chair has adjustable leather straps providing the comfortable seat back support and unique look. The American walnut veneer and mustard leather are easy to work with and team with existing furniture ensuring you achieve a timeless and coordinated look in your home.

1. Modus Buffet  2. Alto Navy Painting

A buffet is not only designed for the dining or living room, but works wonders in the bedroom as well. Store away unsightly mess and display your favourite personal pieces, such as artwork, photographs and accessories on the top. The Modus contains 6 storage compartments and features beautiful rose gold aluminium sleigh legs that will give your room a sophisticated feel in next to no time.

All Beyond Furniture’s beds come with the Dorsal Varial slat system, providing advanced European engineered support. These are best complimented by a natural mattress by Dorsal, click here to view our range.

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