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This blog is simply because, some place are just jaw-droppingly beautiful!  Whilst I have tried to identify exactly where this home is located, I struggled a) to read the tiny text of the magazine preview, and b) to translate what I could read (the original source is le casa di elixir magazine found via Desire to Inspire); but since this place is so dreamy, you can just place it wherever you like and daydream to your hearts content!

The beautiful living room is filled with immaculate detail.  The home has been impressively renovated, leaving the ‘rustic-ness’ of the original home and complimenting it wonderfully with the new insertions.  The timber beams set the tone, the wide timber floorboards balance the space, and the furnishings are modern with very rustic accent pieces, the contrasting styles skillfully brought together and creating interesting junctions like the overlapping coffee tables.  The cantilevered stairs make a beautiful feature, each stair featuring an in built light that casts a glow on the lower tread, creating a sculptural effect.

The cave like lower level of the house, again we see beautifully crafted detailing, like the recessed lighting in the stone steps and the wall lighting, resulting a beautiful glowing effect to light the way (imagine entering in the evening!).

The lower level kitchen reveals an interesting juncture of styles, yet the overall look is simple and uncomplicated.  The modern staircase and kitchen are contemporary insertions into this cave like space, once again recessed lighting under the kitchen island create an ambient glow and give the impression the island is floating.  The bar stools are modern and given a personal touch with the handwritten messages (top tip: next time your little one gets creative with some markers turn it into a feature!).  The chandelier gives it s glamorous edge and perfectly off sets and warms up the space, which could so easily feel dark and cold.

Another shot of the living room, revealing the oversized contemporary painting that injects some colour and life into the otherwise muted palette.  I love the number of lamps in the room, and how they have mixed contemporary and more traditional styles together.  Sheer full length curtains bring a softness into the room, and I love that the television mounted on the wall is the last thing you notice.

Detailed shot of the print, they have drawn out the blue as a feature colour by repeating it in the vases on the nearby console.

The top floor bedroom features a wonderful timber pitched ceiling, and the calming neutral palette is continued here too, with natural materials and neutral toned finishes.

Looking out into what is the first of numerous amazing outdoor spaces! I love the calmness of this space, and the outdoor curtains that just make it so dreamy! You could have the most beautiful candle lit dinner party in there.

And just upstairs from that outdoor dining area, it becomes clearer in this shot how the owners have been so considerate to the original building in their more modern additions, using thick glass veneer to define the spaces, yet letting the character of the home shine through.

And saving the best for last – guess what all those double doors looked out over! Wowsers – some places really are the stuff of dreams!

And one photo just to prove that yes, all of these amazing photographs do belong to the one home!

Source: Desire to Inspire

Love the looks in this post? Well I can’t tell you where to get an original dwelling or a view like that, but can help with the sofa!

The Olvia sofa from Beyond Furniture has a similar look with high armrests, and soft cushions with modern legs.  Ordering it in a soft beige colour like sand or ivory and accessorising it with neutral toned linen cushions would achieve a similar look.

Olvia leather sofa, Beyond Furniture (available in a range of leather colours).

And the bed was gorgeous too, in the images the bed was custom built into a half height wall, with a fabric bedhead.  For a similar effect without the built in wall, the Linea Bed in the light beige looks fantastic when used in the centre of a room, the upholstery is finished on the rear of the bedhead, so you could stand it in front of a wardrobe for a grander effect in a master bedroom.

Linea Bed, beige, Beyond Furniture.

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