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Here are a few Sydney bars that I have been to recently (that I have loved!). Freda’s on Regent St, Chippendale and The Baxter Inn, Sydney. Both bars impressed with great service, unpretentious atmosphere and fantastic drinks and nibblies.

Chippendale is a funny part of town; on one hand there is the uninspiring  Central part of Regent St and on the other hand, there is White Rabbit Gallery, Café Giulia and Freda’s – creative, inviting and awesome. Freda’s is located down an alley off Regent st, inside a 100 year old converted warehouse. The cocktail list is innovative and Oscar the bartender oozes enthusiasm. Make sure you have something to eat, the food is fresh and tasty – especially the Merimbula oysters!


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Down another suss laneway off Clarence St, down a fire escape and through an unmarked door is The Baxter Inn. With almost 300 whiskies, a couple of cocktails, rotating beers  on tap and pretzels on every table, this is the place to go. The bartenders almost look like they’re from a time when bow ties, moustaches and hair comber to the side were the norm. The service is great and the boys really know their whiskey. Try the Jura Prophecy – an overwhelmingly smokey peat flavour and scent with an extremely smooth finish – served in a whiskey glass with one huge ice cube!


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