An Incredible Historical Restoration in Spain

By on 10-07-2012 in Architecture, Inspired By, Interior Design

I spotted this one when browsing through some blogs and was blown away by the restoration of this home in historic Catalonia, Spain.  The Architect owner, her husband and two children spent ten years restoring this home, recycling elements found on site that potentially date to the 16th Century, and even restoring a 16th Century cistern to feed the pool.  The combination of materials including original stone, concrete, timber and steel plates work together to create some incredibly beautiful details.

Ancient stone walls are contrasted against modern yet simple furnishings.

The newly built staircase is made from oak and dark steel walls, the windows filtering the light through create incredible lighting effects.

The view out over the Historical center of Catalonia.

The sink vanity was found under the house and is thought to date back to the 16th Century.

The beautiful bath, the was cast in concrete on site.

The rear garden, dwarfed by the surrounding wall.  The pool is fed by a 16th Century cistern that the family restored during the renovation!

Source: The New York Times via Planete Deco


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