An Incredible Apartment in Paris!

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I wasn’t planning on doing a blog update today, but had a spare 5 mins so headed to Desire to Inspire and wow, this apartment in Paris stopped me in my tracks! So vibrant, so contemporary, so filled with family, so practical and yet so stylish.  To start with such a gorgeous light filled and apparently spacious apartment, stripped back to white walls with black accents on the window frames and skirting, then filled to the brink with personality.  The apartment is by architects Flora de Gastines & Anne Geistdoerfer of double g.  I followed the link to their website, and was ‘wowwed’ by all their work!

White walls, dark floorboards, white wall unit & furniture + stacks of family charm.  I love the full height shelves filled with books and the pink rug.

This image is my favourite, those lampshades! Its so simple, but such a dramatic effect.  The rest of the room is relatively paired back, I love the simplicity of the of the gloss white table (we have a similar design at Beyond Furniture – the Astrati in gloss white) with the timber chairs, and the dark grey print that sets off the lantern patterns.

The galley kitchen is compact yet functional with loads of storage incorporated via the custom joinery of that wall unit, which makes the most of every inch of space on that wall (note how it has been built around the heater), the sliding door keeps everything tidy.  That window is spectacular, the black framework highlights its proportions, and the additional pendant and wall lights in the kitchen ensure the work surfaces of the kitchen can be lit up in the evening.

Detail of the wall unit in the kitchen… made me think of our Vedi unit, which could be used nearby the kitchen as extra storage for plates, glasses and kitchen ware. And I love the white and black combo!

The children’s very own dining area at the end of the kitchen, no compromising on style though with the children’s sized Panton chairs. I love the splash of colour brought in by the French print, the casualness of it being hung straight on the wall without a frame is perfect for the less formal kitchen area.

The little girls bedroom features a dream canopy bed and pink highlights.  Another custom wall unit provides book & clothes storage, I love that this wall is dark grey, the darker backdrop means the colour on the shelves pops, bringing a sense of liveliness to the room and filling it with colours & personality.

They have highlighted sections of the wall unit by painting some a bright teal blue, and filling some with wallpaper, a great way to draw focus to the cavities that contain feature elements, it would also look amazing when those lights are on! The storage baskets are a neat way to store odds and ends in a tidy way.  The best thing about this wall unit is it expresses a youthful playfulness, perfect for the young bedroom owner, yet it will grow with her.  As she gets older the items in the unit will grow older with her, and it will always remain a wall that tells a story.

A reading nook elsewhere in the house provides a quite place to escape, a comfy armchair, an oversized light and a set of shelves filled with good reads is all you need to make a corner the most desirable place in your home!

The master bedroom is appropriately dramatic, the furniture elements are actually very simple, but a teal feature wall, full length matching teal curtains, that act as room dividers, and the paneled extra tall mirror certainly set this room apart from the norm! The practical elements however, the mirror bounces around the light flooding in from the windows, and the curtains would create a wonderfully dark and warm cocoon for sleeping.  Note the hint of the bathroom behind, the over sized graphics of the tiles are something else!

More details of the bathroom – and more custom in-wall joinery!

Looking through to the bathroom, the curtain is closed in this image, showing how it provides a neat room divider from the bathroom and dressing area. That pop of pink really brings the energy to this photograph!

This image reveals the other side of the wall, behind the master bedroom, a desk slots in perfectly to the u-shaped wall forming a home office big enough for 2.The hanging shelf and wall mounted lamps help make this space a more functional work zone.

Source: Double-G, via Desire to Inspire

To see more of double-g’s work (which I highly recommend) – visit their website, here’s a little sample!

Images: Double-G

And I was inspired to do some playing around with our Vedi unit after seeing the black and white combo in this post…

Here is a mock up of a white Vedi with a grey door – I think it would be perfect nearby a kitchen for extra kitchen storage!

Beyond FurnitureVedi Unit







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