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Winter has arrived. However, if every season was the same, we wouldn’t have much in our wardrobes or homes to play with and restyle when we feel like it. There are lots of things to relish about the changes that winter brings and when the outdoors are less welcoming at this time of year, the indoors become even more inviting, so it’s important to style it right for the season. Here are 6 styling tips to make your home cosy, textural and an oasis to curl up in on those cold winter days.

Pile it high


high pile grey rug

Whether you’ve got a carpet laid in your bedroom or living room, or a bare wooden floor with a smooth woven rug, try adding or swapping your existing rug for a high pile rug during the winter months. It will add a warm visual element to the room, feel cosy and soft under your feet and add an overall cosier vibe to any room. The Cabana high pile rug is an ideal option for this. It can take several days to make one rug and the unique blend of differently toned strands give the rug very elegant look.

Sheepskin rug as a throw


Sheepskin rug

The Boconcept sheepskin rug can be used on the floor or as a beautiful throw over the side of a sofa or armchair in winter, to give an added sense of cosiness to your room, especially if you have a leather armchair or sofa and want to make them more inviting. An added touch of black or grey through the wool will add a little contrast to the colour scheme of your room too.

Blushing in the bedroom


Blush quilt

A great way to add warmth to your bedroom is to change your accessories to warmer tones. Blush tones along with warm metals are bang on trend this season. This stunning BoConcept quilt padded bedspread could be layered with grey and neutral textural cushions on your bed and can even be used throughout the summer, mixed with brighter hot colours. It’s an all season winner!

Botanical printed rugs


botanical rug

As greenery starts to become more scant in the winter months, it’s a good idea to find ways of bringing botanicals indoors. Using a botanical printed rug such as the Feuille rug, is an easy way to introduce greenery to your space during the cooler months. It is neutral and subtle enough to be used all year round but you’ll find it especially comforting when it’s cold and wet outside. To boost the look, add some pot plants, such as ferns or fiddle fig plants to your space and brighten up your space.

Crushing on velvet


velvet cushion

You may have noticed that velvet has become a huge trend this season. Nothing is quite so luxurious and opulent as a beautiful antique look velvet cushion. Whether you have a leather or fabric sofa, adding a mix of decadent velvet cushions in a variety of colours will bring instant warmth and texture into your room. Or if velvet is really your thing, you can indulge even further and add the Cenova sofa, as shown in decadent forest green napoli fabric.

Cushion fever


cushions winter


In winter, comfort is everything and cushions are a great way to introduce comfort and change the look and temperature of a bed or sofa without a big financial investment. When opting for ultimate warmth and cosiness, our favourite combinations are the Wings, Circular, Sazza (tw0-sided with different colours) and Felty cushions featured here. Don’t be afraid to mix and match bold prints, with woven wools and neutrals. A pop of metallic can become the focal point of a room. Our general rule, is to choose a tonal colour palette and opt for 50% solid neutrals, 30% woven textural and 20% printed cushions whatever the number you’re working with.

All these beautiful products can be purchased at BoConcept furniture stores in Crows Nest and Moore Park’s Supa Centre.

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